Sam Browne Belts

Discussion in 'Officers' started by jhono101, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. Some other young officers and myself recently got one of the guards allas at the factory to wax our sam brownes for us. However when we got them all back, the top strap (the one that goes over your shoulder) was missing. I rang him up but he had well and truly lost it and gave the 'no chitty, no pity' line.

    Does anyone know where I could get the aforementioned piece, or do I have to fork out for a whole new belt?

  2. Well, do you want your strap to match your belt?

    Trusting a wooden top, silly boy, take 5 extras...

    But seriously, if it's a matter of cost, get strap, strip the polish etc. from your belt and start at square one (white spirit is good for removing the polish, but I don't know about the wax).
  3. I would prefer the cross belt to match the rest of the belt. I ordered one off of eBay but it turned out to be an antique one ergo completely useless, so it has gone back. I shall keep on searching.

    I have informed the Adjt of the extras.
  4. As an aside to this .... Can Sam Browne buckles be demanded seperately? If so does anyone have an NSN?

  5. I believe that should be "some other young officers and I"...good luck in the AGC (ETS).
  6. I'm sure the gentleman in question 'mispoke' due to the shock of being 'de-strapped' by one of the Household Div's 'finest'... :roll:
  7. Misspoke? He isn't 2nd Lt Clinton is he?
  8. Sarastro

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  9. Sam Browne's are only around £30 through the QMs you may find as well that they have some odds and sods lying around which maybe suitable. Certainly if you're Middle Wallop bound they have some there. Alternatively I have one for sale for around £30 pre-burn't down and in good condition but unpolished for about 5 months. PM for details.
  10. BACK TO THE TOP ....

    Looking for a Sam 'Black' .... seeking opinions of the Silverman's product, and also M H Geoffrey & Co (eBay shop from Pakistan). Both much cheaper than those I can find in Australia.

    The Geoffrey belt is labelled "USMC Sam Browne belt" but appears to be identical to the British or Australian equivalent.

    Any other recommendations that won't break the bank?

    Thanks in anticipation, gents
  11. As so many of you enquired .....

    I went with a very very cheap Pakistani version at A$55. It polished up quite nicely with some Parade Gloss and a bit of hard work.

    However, the bl00dy thing reeks like a stockyard! More kit that SWMBO has decreed must live in the garage.

    toodle-oo folks
  12. If you're still at the factory, speak to your CSgt about said wallah (unless it was your CSgt, obviously!). If not, PM me. This is irritating and there should be a way to get to the bottom of it. At worst, it should be possible to arrange for the issue of a replacement at Govt rates.

  13. you'd think with your self-importance that you'd spot an ancient thread and not bother replying as the original poster has probably resolved this issue by now... or do you just want everyone to know how important you are? sorry, self important.

    anyway, on the offchance that the original poster does follow this thread every day with baited breath - you arrogant tit. serves you fucking right.
  14. Not so much 'tired chimp' as just 'chimp' Well done - I missed the fact that it was an old thread and shall thrash myself accordingly. Having been in similar positions myself, and being in a position to help at the moment, I offered to do so. Evidently not required, which makes my life even easier.

    Your contribution beyond trolling was what, exactly?

    Quite. Now p1ss off back to your hole.