Sam Browne Belt

I need to replace my old belt as it is now somewhat tatty. Which tailors or 0ther sources are the best place to purchase (quality/price)?


Capt M


There is a NSN for a Sam Browne, they can be demanded through the system, if the RQMS is on side!

Otherwise, if you are not bothered if it is second hand, try Ebay or if you have one, youÂ’re Regimental/Corps Kit Agency.
The issue Sam Browne now comes with the belt buckle and hook already modified, which will upset a lot of Armourers.
I have a Sam Browne that is in good nick and as I left the Army the day before yesterday its up for grabs, couple of quid (not into highest bidder type thing, first come gets it) and postage costs and its yours.
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