Discussion in 'Officers' started by desk_motorist, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. Quick one this.

    What is the best way to store your Sam Browne when not in use. I have recently got it looking fairly good (my man is on leave) and think that the usual place i keep it (at the bottom of my wardrobe under my Mess Wellies) could be improved upon.

    Any ideas? Plus what do you do when posted, in a box or in the car?
  2. Hang it on the suit of armour in the hall.
  3. I keep mine gently curled out (fnarr fnarr) in an old shoe box padded out with newspaper along with my brown shoes.

    No doubt The Butler will be along to advise me correctly soon...
  4. Yes, what you absolutely must not do is bend it against the natural curve it would follow around your body.

    You could simply roll it up reasonably tight with the shiny side out and keep it wrapped in a duster.
  5. Bang two nails 3" apart into the inside of your wardrobe and hang your sambrown belt shiny side out by the last belt hole on one nail and hang the cross belt by the rear fastening hole on the other nail. For travelling, lay it out flat on the rear parcel shelf of your car covered by a duster or some such. Travel by plane, train or motorcyle is rather more problematic.
  6. I hang the cross belt by its end hole on the main belt's brass stud, then hang the whole thing by the buckle on the hook of the wooden hanger that my SD jacket is hung on so that it hangs down inside the jacket.

    I get it out every November when it always seems to have shrunk just that little bit more.
  7. I had the Regimental Tailor make me a felt bag to keep mine in; separate pocket for the cross belt so they don't rub against each other. Perfect for travelling as you are not worried about other items scratching it etc. I firmly believe that you should store it by hanging rather than rolled up but, if your mess is anything like ours was, as long as it is locked up you will be okay!
  8. Pasted below is a copy of the after care instructions I give to all the customers I wax belts for. It includes storage tips.
  9. I wrap mine up in an old army towel thats soft after many years of washing. Once wrapped gently roll it up into a coil. Job done :D
  10. Whilst I was at Sandhurst my platoon Corporal Major had a plank of wood with nails on to store and polish Sam Brownes. In the final term of the commissioning course he took each of our belts, waxed and polished them for us so we would arrive at our regiments as smart as carrots. Charitable chap, I hear you ask? Not at the price he charged us!
  11. As already mentioned a block of wood and a number of screws/nails.

    I then wrapped a towel round just for that added protection
  12. mwl946

    mwl946 LE Good Egg (charities)

    Mine is stored inside the leg of an old pair of stockings then in an empty boot box along with my brown shoes.

    Good tip about the wood for polishing - will get the OH to work on that as Im not to be trusted with hammer and nails :oops:
  13. Do I take it from this that you offer a polishing service? I have a Gunner Cross Belt in need of loving care ;)
  14. I do provide such a service details of which can be found here.
    shoeshine online
  15. Mine is rolled up in and old leather collar box with a duster wraped around it, or at least that is where I left it when I marched off years ago. It was looking very dark and Guardsie when I last saw it.