Salvage bikes - What to do?

Thinking about buying a write off motorbike (hoping to stick to Cat D) and doing it up. I have some mechanical experience, and I know a few good mechanics who can help with the initial inspection and the doing up. THe question is, What do I need to know, and what are a few dos and don'ts?
As are yokes , forks and wheels ,brake discs , fairing mounting brackets etc, its not a job for amateur mechanics / engineers .
Bikes are dangerous enough without going all 'scrapheap challenge' on them.

Have you got a donor card? What's your liver like? Mine may need replacing in the near future.
If you think you are grabbing a bargain.. you are not. The write off itself may be cheap but parts soon mount up & you,ll ALWAYS stumble upon another problem even weeks/months after the rebuild. Couple that in with the time you spend repairing it... NAH better to hit bike trader & by off a dealer IMHO.
What 2/51 said.

Given how strong Forks are especially USD ones any front end impact force is taken straight in to the headstock . At best it ovals the bearing seats more often it cracks the welding on the frame .

Unless you were the rider so know more or less what happened then avoid.

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