Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by TOONarmySOLDIER, May 18, 2008.

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  1. i've got a slight problem guys, i think it could stop me saluting properly :lol:
    i bashed my little finger like 3 months ago and since then it has healed, but it feels like the tendon is out of place because i cant straighten it out to touch my 3rd finger so i kind of sticks out a bit.
    i now it sounds like a funny question but i can only get my little finger in line if i bend my had slightly, so my salute is not completely straight, would this be acceptable?
    like i said, it sounds a bit of a stupid question but im just curious...
  2. FCUK OFF, you total throbber!!!!

    MODs, please get rid of this bellend!!
  3. Just give a nod of your head, as you would upon seeing an old acquaintance who you must acknowledge, yet have no interest in stopping for. They will understand, im sure.*

    *Holds out bowl of salt* Help yourself...
  4. No Salt!!!!!!!
  5. No salt how can I eat my chips?
  6. This is hall of fame worthy
  7. is this for real ?
  8. To the hole surely?
  9. The answer is obvious; just wear mittens all of the time.