Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Ragner, Dec 7, 2012.

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  1. I have quick question.

    Is there any written rule about saluting a officer when he drives into a camp in uniform but driving his civvy car?.

    I have always played by the rule that you dont salute in that situation because if the camp is under observation then you would be marking them as i target.
  2. Yeah, right.

    Joined in Jun 2007 and 8 posts. I smell the sweaty palms of a sockpuppet.
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  3. It doesn't matter if the officer is in a mankini, a toga or dressed as a ninja turtle. They still hold the Queen's Commision and thus you, as a professional, fcuking salute.

    Don't give me this pish about 'targets' that is just b0llocks so you can avoid saluting. If the RSM has decread such a policy fair enough, it certainly was the case in some places.

    So, stop the car, check their id and then salute. Or do you not check IDs either because 'you know' them?
  4. I would have thought saluting them LEAVING the camp in their car would make them more of a target.
  5. If you're bimbling around camp and an officer drives past then no you don't salute. If they have cause to stop and speak to you then you salute them.

    Dont listen to CF, he's not a proper soldier, he just read about it once ;-)
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  6. Not sure what crash test dummy meant by "I smell the sweaty palms of a sockpuppet." I have not had to post alot due to the fact that i tend to find the answears to my questions by reading other peoples posts.

    Chocolate frog you may think its bollocks all this target thing and personnal security but I tend to take that stuff seriously because thats what i am paid to do and also I have had it hammered into my head my whole life. I check everyones ID as well even if I have known them for years.
  7. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    MPGS or RAF Regt?
  8. Why? Are you worried that their bodies may have been taken over by aliens or that there is some new branch of A-Q that specialises in face grafts for it's suicide bombers to gain them access to military establishments?
  9. I didn't say personal security was b0llocks.

    I said your interpretation of it was. I can quite see that you would have to have information hammered in to your head.

    You just feel degraded being forced to salute don't you? Remember its a civil act, not a servile one.

    Besides, if you aren't saluting ANY cars you're increasing the risk of your own being targeted... give them a target that isn't you.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Saluting's got nothing to do with showing respect, it's just ritual humiliation of soldiers by useless ruperts. I never saluted officers and they didn't dare make me.

  11. Yet you know **** all about saluting? You need a ******* 6" nail hammering into your head.