Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Lizard_Lips, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Fellas

    Can someone end a debate?

    If you are wearing a helmet and webbing and are also on exercise or the ranges are you required to throw one up or just simply brace up?
  2. Neither. Snipers might be watching!

    They will shoot all the important people.

    Like you, rather than the useless Officers
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  3. No, like I said, we're having a debate about it. Some say you do, some say you don't, so which is it?

    Read the post properly dipshit!!!
  4. If you get picked up for not saluting just state that you salute the capbadge, not the man. Since you're bonedome doesn't have a capbadge on it you've no need to salute.

    If you get in any grief for this just say that a man from the internet said so.
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  5. If I was a boring man, I'd point out that you salute in accordance with the direction given in the Drill Manual and Queens Regulations. Queens Regulations say you must salute officers, and the Drill Manual tells you how to salute.

    The Drill Manual implies that you wear head dress when saluting (for it gives instructions on how to salute without head dress) but does not specify what head dress to wear. Therefore saluting with helmets is probably correct.
  6. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    As a crow in Depot Para , saw an Approaching officer , as i thought, sam brown light shirt, so week 3 crow throws up a salute, then the loudest shout in the world "stand still you little shit" yes I had saluted TG the RSM, he then lectured me for 10 minutes who and when to salute. and then trap 2 with a bumper for 2 hours. happy days. TG went on to be our QM down south. So VG,s advice is correct if in doubt ask your RSM.
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  7. Now, when I were a Squaddie(Boudica was only a Lcpl) you saluted the Queens
    Commision ie Rank, not the Capbadge......mind you, I suppose the wearers of 'The
    Horse that shat on the World' Badge would salute anybody as they were so inferior!!
  8. Just answer these questions

    Do you salute officers ?
    Do you salute officers whilst wearing head dress ?
    Is a helmet considered head dress ?

    However you must consider

    Will I look a tit saluting in a helmet ?
    Can I busy my hands so saluting can be avoided ?
  9. I was taught to salute with a rifle years ago and always seem to carry one on ranges and on exercise
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  10. Saluting...

    Costs nothing. Gives the recipient a pleasant tingling feeling that puts him in a good mood for the rest of the day. Diverts attention from the dubious activities that you're engaged in (and if the dozy ****** says "Carry on", your nefarious activities have been approved by an officer).

    What's not to like about it?
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  11. Yes, you must salute, but with the left hand.
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  12. Indeed, but are there also situations that allow for latitude and judgement when considering saluting, such as when riding a bike etc? This could be for saluter and saluted.

    I'm sure this must have been mentioned in my time but I can't recall. Who wouldn't take great delight in trying to get some fresh out of the factory 2Lt to return a salute in such a situation and hoping it would cause him some difficulty :)
  13. ...but in the case that neither hand is an option then the right foot should be used no?
  14. IIRC the question is not "do I salute when wearing helmet and webbing?" but rather "would I salute if this was an operation and not an exercise?"

    You don't salute in the field, so as not to make your rupert a target (though it could be a subtle way of disposing of unwanted officers).

    Helmet and webbing in camp -- salute.

    But the real answer is ... you do whatever's required in your unit.