Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by wannabe_gunner, Oct 5, 2010.

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  1. Hi,
    I was wandering if i could get some advice on saluting etiquette from the old and bold without seeming like an absolute newbie. I'm OTC and unfortunately only got a quick lesson on the slow way up and the quick way down....

    Here's what i'm wanting to know:

    1. If your in civvies and the officer is in uniform do you salute?

    2. If your in uniform and the officer is in civvies do you salute?

    3. If you come into an officers office and they're sitting at their desk are you suppose to salute?

    4. If you pass an officer in a hallway and they don't have their head dress on are you suppose to salute?

    I totally understand that this makes me look like a total mong but i figure it's easier to ask here than look like a total plank in person....
  2. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Watch "Dads Army" up--23-- down--23 "paybook correct sir"
  3. No, Yes, Yes, Yes but 'bracing up' is safer and less clumsy.
  4. 1. No but brace up and acknowledge them: "Morning Sir/Ma'am" etc
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    4. Yes (but carefully!)

    I always worked on the rule of thumb that if you were indoors you could remove your head-dress (unless on orders) and so avoid the "in the office/hallway" scenario.
  5. It is particularly satisfying if you salute an officer on a bicycle and he wobbles and falls off. It is even more satisfying if the officer is Dutch or Belgian. And it is even more satisfying than that if it happens in winter and on hard packed snow or ice.

    1. You do not salute when you are in civvies.

    2. If you are in uniform, you salute even if the orfficer is naked.

    3. You salute an orfficer if he is standing, sitting, kneeling, hanging upside down or shagging your mother (at ease, soldier).

    4. You salute an orfficer even if he is not wearing head dress, in a hallway, a toilet, a mosque, a synagogue a cinema, a pub, coming out of your mothers bedroom, going into your mothers bedroom, on Mars, Venus, Saturn and a brothel.
  6. Top saluting tips:-

    Don't salute taxi drivers. When manning the front door during a cocktail party or mess dinner, never assume that the scruffily dressed bloke with facial tattoos who turns up near the end of the evening is a guest to be saluted.

    Those blokes who sit on the backs of horses and wear shiny body armour in Whitehall aren't necessarily officers just because they're carrying swords. Try not to salute them as they're not allowed to laugh on duty.

    As a Royal Navy midshipman, be sure to execute a perfect, longest way up, palm out army salute the first time you board a warship in uniform during your first day of service. You've seen it done a million times on telly haven't you? For even better effect, turn slightly to face the quarter deck and execute a Yank-style "karate chop" salute.

    On encountering several hundred cadets who all want to salute at the first "real officer" they've ever seen, ffs remove your headgear before you develop repetitive strain injury in your right arm.
  7. Just say right mate
  8. Oxford or Cambridge ?

    'If your....' ? It's: 'you're...' ffs
  9. Must be an engineering student.

    But conversely, I do remember the first few days after commissioning ... whenever someone saluted me I looked round to see who I'd forgotten to salute ;-)
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    One generally avoids specialist forums, but if it helps, Sir Bill Jeffrey KCB likes it when you give him a High-5 in the corridoor and shout 'Yo, Bro, how's yo Ho?'

    Unless he is sitting down. Obviously.
  11. Play with their mind - salute them with your left arm.
  12. Stated like a man with a great deal of saluting experience I might add.
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  13. One pip wonders....mind? There seems a disconnect here.
  14. I was once a Sapper (lowest of the low) on a huge NATO base with orfficers of all hues, shapes, sizes and national garbs. Good rule of thumb: If it moves salute it, you don't have to mean it.
  15. 1:- No saluting, you brace up.

    2:- Yes, but only if you know they are officers.

    3:- Yes, only exception is informal, exercise, shit has hit the fan etc

    4:- Depends, always acknowledge, with a Good morning/afternoon, and senior rank takes precedence, female major, male capt, female lt, male 2nd lt

    Good morning ma'am sir ma'am sir???

    No, it would be good morning ma'am the rest dont count.