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  1. Afternoon all,

    Stupid question inbound, but I'd rather ask it and look stupid here than not know and look a nob later.

    What's the rule for paying compliments when indoors? I've heard from some that you don't salute indoors, others that a good morning Sir 'will do', and yet more say that you stand to attention in place of saluting when indoors.

    What's the definitive answer? (with a source) OC is visiting tonight with the RSM and I don't want to look a nob by acting improperly.

  2. If your indoors a salute is still needed but an easy way around that one is make sure you havnt got your beret on indoors. I know this from experiance after a swift bolloking from a Maj that I didnt salute to indoors, apparantly bracing up isnt good enough.. but that might of just been him having a bad day?
  3. I suppose it depends on what the tradition of your Regt/Corps is. If you have your headdress on, then you chuck the boss a salute, once when he arrives and then when he leaves. If you belong to a Regt/Coprs who don't salute without headdress then you brace up, show the movement. I'm sure the RSM will let you know if you get it wrong. :)
  4. when in the cheshires,, TAVR ... we where told only to salute if the officer or you had cap on.. you did not salute the man but the crown... i prob will be shot down for that..
  5. when in the RAMC,, an officer never came near our huts.. and in the wards we just did not bother.. we where just aware of his / her rank..
  6. Summer 1980, Lullworth Gunnery School.
    Myself and a mate walking towards CVR Trp Cage. X2 2Lts approaching, from the armery. One of whome had his left hand free.
    Me and my mate left it to the last second, then chucked one up together.
    The subby with left hand free, tried to change grip on x2 GPMG's, dropped both barrel first into the turf, and chucked up half hearted salute.
    "Good morning gentlemen" we said..... Subby with both hands full replied "Thank you, good morning". Muppet with left hand free, could have given left handed salute, I believe, as his right hand was busy?
    We have no idea what happenned when they arrived at the classroom, with mud up the barrells of 2 of the GPMGs!
    If you're reading this and it was you. Humblest appologies. Hope you made full Col or higher.
  7. You salute with the right hand, never the left (awaiting incoming and extras from duty drill pig).
  8. If left hand is free move stuff from right hand into left then salute with right hand. Left handed saluting is acceptable when right arm is in a sling or has fallen off.
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  9. Of course, seeing as we are talking by the book, this is probably only permitted after the quack gives you a biff chit to do so.

    For historical purposes, I should note I did see an article on etiquette from the good old Fatherland that stated if you were engaged in escorting a lady on your right arm, you could give the party salute with the left...
  10. Superior officers are to be saluted at all times, regardless of their dress, provided that the saluter is wearing regimental headdress. Indoors or not makes no difference.

    If said officer is stark naked, in a nunnery and the saluter is also stark naked except for his beret (with cap badge) but is unable to use his right arm (for whatever reason...) a left-handed salute is acceptable.

    By rights, the officer should be saluted on each occasion that he is encountered, but it's generally accepted that "Hello" and "Goodbye" salutes will suffice, with bracing up and verbal compliments on intermediate occasions.
  11. When OC visits, dress in PT kit and brace up. Job jobbed
  12. Saw a rather amusing salute from a recruit in PT kit to an RAF officer. RAF officer duly returned compliments with a salute and probably didn't even notice the mistake!
  14. Saluting is old fashioned, and over-rated. The sooner the Army realises this and moves on the better. Why not start the trend?
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  15. Just pull yourself erect and make garbled noises. It's the thought that counts.