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Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by The Dude, Sep 15, 2011.

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  1. Just a quick post, has anyone ben on OP TOSCA recently, I was on it in 2003 with 3 RHA and there was this stupid rule where everyone had to salute every UN vehicle if there was a driver in it, even if there was not an Officer in it. This rule can about as the Argrentine General in charge of the UN in Cyprus at the time got annoyed as a Soldier on Guard did not salute him whilst he was being driven (the Soldier probably did not see him or even recognise him in all fairness). This rule came about before our 'tour' of the Green Line, but is it still going on?

    Any body know of any other bone rules?
  2. You poor soul. Has this been festering with you since '03? Dear God......
  3. Hi Rickshaw,

    I know, I am still having flashbacks from 2003 about how stupid it was to salute a car. Just wondering if it was still going on thats all, it was a strange place. The RSM would force guys to cut the grass with scissors as their was no lawnmover too.
  4. When I was attached to the UN military in the 60s it was the UN flag that was saluted. Be it on a vehicle, building, hillside outpost or road checkpoint. This is in addition to following the member country's own rules regarding the paying of compliments to an officer's commission.
  5. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    When our squadron took over from A Sqn LG in Nicosia in September 1976, the squadron (piss) artist had very kindly left us a chuff chart ready made. It truly was a work of art. Every day had an apposite cartoon and caption, like "175 days to go: have you got your knees sunburnt yet?"

    The one that has lasted all these years was about midway through the second week: "Have you saluted the Septic Tank truck yet?"

    A local firm used a Bedford MK to empty septic tanks. It was painted white (I imagine so that the owner could see when it was dirty) and I imagine it pre-dated the three UN troops getting napalmed on the Larnaca road leading to the painting white of all UN vehicles. Apart from not having a UN flag on the front, it looked like a UN 4-tonner (though to be fair, Force Reserve Squadron on Ferrets didn't actually have any 4-tonners so they weren't something we saw every day).

    Yes I believe every Ferret commander made the mistake once during the first couple of weeks of saluting the septic tank truck.
  6. Hello everyone, I was a driver in the Argentinian Army in 2003 and went to Cyprus for a real hard tour. I would just like to thank 3 RHA for the real care and military courtesy they showed me on that tour.

    Even though I was a Private, Seventh Class and was rated THE WORST soldier in the entire Argentinian Army, wherever I went I received very smart salutes. Whether I wa sin the Genreal's staff car taking it to get service or driving the milk float as soon as those lovely Gunners saw me they stood straight up and saluted me. It really made me think that the Malvinas was all behind us and that 3 RHA really knew a proper soldier when they saw one.

    I was so moved by the treatment that I went on R and R to Colchester from Cyprus hoping to meet some 3 RHA soldiers to say thak you and swap some soldiering tales. It turns out not all of you British soldiers love 'us Argies' as much as 3 RHA - this revelation left me sore and confused and I have never been back to your filthy country.

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  7. We had to do this in 95 when I was out there, the guys in the towers also had to salute the UN helicopters as they passed as well. As for the reason I have no idea why or how it came about as we were not told.
  8. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    It's a Greco-Turkish 'wah', been working for decades.
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  9. Just been told a Tosca tour is a toss up between me and one other, so starting to prepare myself just in case. Are there any regs on here who have recently completed this tour? If so, I'd appreciate a heads up on what to expect.

    Edited to add; I'm definitely on it now. Grateful for any info, such as work cycles, amenities & facilities, what I need to take, R&R options, etc.
  10. I can feel an anecdote coming on.....

    I was walking to the Sgts mess when a staff car drove past. It stopped a few meters behind me, reversed & down went the window to expose the garrison commander & another visiting brigadier, the former giving me that "why didn't you fling one up" look. I tactfully explained that I couldn't see anyone in the car to which he replied that I should have done it anyway. As a SNCO of some 15 years standing I wasn't having that & politely told him that it was HE & not his car, driver (or wife) that held the commission & that it was him that would get the salute. "WHATS YOU NAME?" he barked. Quick as a flash I gave the name of another SNCO who was regularly being mistaken for me and who had recently earned me a good bollocking after a drunken incident in the mess involving the same rupert.....

    He was duly flayed by the RSM. They later saw the funny side when it dawned on them that I had returned the compliment:)
  11. As I assume he was a brigadier then the flag plate should have been uncovered while he was in the car.

    See the flag plate, salute!
  12. This particular driver/garrison didn't stick to those rules; indeed it's only after (potentially) saluting a splitarrse in a rupert-less car that I adopted this stance.
  13. Was there in summer of 04 with 40 REGT RA, you had to ******* salute everything, if you were in the towers you had to salute the helicopters flying past, i kid you not.

    Anyone out running on the green line were also saluted by the guys on the towers, seen it every day, made me laugh like **** as i was a full screw then,.

    Its the best tour i have ever done, full on drinking tour and Nissi Beach on a sunday is legendary,lol
  14. salute salute salute. thats how it was in 2009... bit of a ball ache, but hey, livin the dream in cyprus.... worth a bit of bull shit I say...