Saluting the Mayor

Discussion in 'Officers' started by barnezy349, May 23, 2011.

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  1. Evening all,

    I thought I'd post this question in here as I assume an Officer is bound to know the answer!

    I have one of my cadets going for an interview with the Mayor of Wirral tomorrow and he just asked me if he should salute him.

    I have no idea, but thought I'd pop on here and see if I could get a quick answer...anyone?

    Help Greatly appreciated.
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    If in uniform then I would say yes. It is a mark of politeness in exactly the same way as people would have doffed their cap to the mayor in days gone by.

    So, to be polite - salute. (Make sure he/she knows how!!)
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  3. You don't have to as he does not hold a Queens commission but, it would be a sign of respect if you are in uniform, If you don't want to just remove your headgear before meeting him.

    When Gareth Neal was Lord Mayor of Cardiff we had to salute him as he was 2i/c of my TA company
  4. He is in a youth organisation, he can pick his nose if he wishes!
  5. I'm with Auld Yin - it's just polite. After all, the fact that the council in question has a Mayor rather than a Chairman is because (presumably) it's a Borough/City or equivalent, whose status has been granted by the Crown. So, yeah, if I were still in uniform (cadet/TA/reg) I'd throw one up to the representative of the Boss.
  6. There is no requirement to salute as pointed out above he does not hold the queens commission and is not royalty. If he is TA Offr or also the Lord Lieutenant or (more likely) deputy Lord Lieutenant then he should be saluted.

    Be bet is to march smartly up to him and ask:

    "Leave to fall in Sir please."

    After which he will probably fall off his chair in shock at a youth in the Wirral doing such athing.

    At the end of the interview, come to attention and ask:

    Leave to fallout Sir please.
  7. There's no requirement to do a lot of things in life - however, you can gain a lot of respect and credibility by doing them anyway. He'll be happy to be acknowledged.
  8. Good point. Saluting is also known as "paying compliments" so surely it's polite to do just that? Yep you don't HAVE to but is does smooth the way. So to speak.
  9. As Auld Yin says, it is the equivalent of doffing one's cap. When entering any office, one saltues regardless of the rank, so why not the office of one "in office".

    An olde worlde regimental tradition was to salute the wives of officers... as one would doff one's cap to them. I don't think the tradition was thought through enough to consider the wives of soldiers, but then, why would one recognise them ;)
  10. Now the question is, would anyone have saluted Blair when he was in Office?
  11. Mayors Sheriffs Reeves and Burgermeisters all warrant the paying of compliments, unless you're exceptionally chippy or have a specific reason not to.
  12. A problem solved by not "seeing" him when one is wearing headdress!
  13. I disagree he doesn't hold the queens commission so therefore there is no requirement to salute him You can still be polite and respectful without saluting.
  14. Or perhaps, hearing him, in the case of town criers. :)
  15. The kid isn't a soldier either so why should he care whether a commission is held.