Saluting the colours

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by wellyhead, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. This may be a really bone question from a gunner of twelve years standing BUT

    What is the actual score with saluting Guns ? I have never served in a Gun Regt so my experience of the big smelly things are polishing them on guard.

    Now I know the score (pretty much) with guns on parade, but I am keen to know the every day application. For example if a gun is in the gun park, do you salute it before starting work ? I heard that if guns roll past the main gate, the guy on stag should knock up up, true ?

    How about non-gun arty weapon systems ? Do you salute MLRS or HVM rolling past and if the latter is true do you bang one up to smoe scrote wandering past with an LML ? What about guns in non-gun regts ? Say you had an old 25 pdr in the garage of a Rapier Bty, do they still pay respects to the gun or is it not "their colours"

    Whats your experience ?
  2. Guns, including launchers for RAPIER, were saluted as they left the main gate or drove past on a parade.

    I've never seen anyone salute one when they went into the gun shed.

    As gate guardians etc rarely are towed/drive out of the main gate, I've never seen one saluted.

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  3. Why the feck would you salute a gun????????????????
  4. Because the Guns are the Colours of the Royal Artillery. If you are an infanteer you would expect your Colours to be saluted by all and sundry. Same goes for the Guns.

    Having served with both an AS90 regiment and an AD regiment, I can state that they are only saluted (as stated earlier) when leaving camp, and on a parade (includes going to and coming from the parade). No equipment is saluted in the Gun sheds or hangars!

    Gate guards are not saluted, neither is one lad carrying a shoulder launched SAM! As for a troop of LMLs going by on foot, I suspect this will never happen (would (hopefully) be mounted in the back of a stripped down landrover, and would then be saluted). Rapier, MLRS launchers, etc: all get a kipper thrown up.
  5. I think you'll find that this is covered in the Drill Manual under the section on paying of compliments (ie saluting).

    If I remeber rightly you are supposed to salute a battery of guns, not the individual weapons, but you are let off from this if ypu are riding a bike, so that's all right then.
  6. FFS- yeh your right we do salute our Colours but we only have 3 (should narrow my Bn down as we are the only Regiment in the Army who march with 3 Colours).

    But saluting every piece of equipment that comes in & out of your camp is crazy.

  7. What I want to know i why not salute a UAV Launcher ? Or COBRA/MAMBA

    I am of course extracting the urine
  8. And saluting a bit of cloth tied to a stick isn't crazy then ?

    Traditions are traditions sir
  9. If I remember rightly they only saluted when leaving camp for exercise or operations.

    16 Ad Regt used to have the guard fell in by the main gate and the Adj would salute the launchers out of camp

    Never heard of it happening in 29 though

    Oh and by the way BB no disrespect intended but i have no idea what battalion your in 3 sets of colours or not !!
  10. I think it was one of those, do as I say not as I do thingd, we never saluted MLRS when I was in 32
  11. When 29 went to the Falklands their TA (289) battery was mobilised, dog tags issued etc until at the eleventh hour some bod from the MOD said (my words) "you lot aren't going - you're just a bunch of civvies.....but we'll take your guns". As you can imagine that went down like a lead balloon and dispelled the myth (at the time) that TA soldiers would fight side-by-side with their regular counterparts which was the recruiting slogan back in the day. They weren't happy bunnies I can tell you.
  12. However Sandbanks it did give the rest of the regiment hours of amusement!!
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I dont ever recall saluting anything that couldnt return the compliment!
    Every time I sayw the colours I was either ED mess waiting so too busy or stood in one of the colour gds and I certainly didnt salute them then.
  14. A British Artillery piece is the colours of the RA as they don't have them on a flag, drum etc. It is to be saluted when there are three or more mobile together, normally only done on exit and entrance to barracks, or on a formal parade.
    You are saluting the equipment and not the gun crew, the No1/Crew will not salute back. If there is an Officer on board I would think you would salute him anyway.
  15. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Why would an Officer be on a gun? :D

    I have only saluted the colours whilst they are on a formal parade driving past in formation, never when they leave camp or when entering the gun sheds.