Saluting Royals

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Retd_crab, May 10, 2012.

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  1. Just watch the great and the good of Sedgemoor pressing flesh with the Countess of Wx. Stood next to the local Inspector of police was a very smartly turned out Sea Cadet. What struck me was that though the Cadet made a snappy salute prior to shaking hands with herself.....the said police inspector (in uniform with headress on) didn't even bow his head let alone salute.

    Is it normal for uniformed officers not to pay their respects when presented? He certainly wasn't there in any crowd suppression role. If so I say take away their right to all these Jubilee medals.

  2. I don't think the police salute anyone any more, probably don't know how. I think it was done away with as outmoded, obsolete, archaic, hierarchical, militaristic and discriminatory to their quota of disabled officers with no arms or the inability to raise them.

    Though I believe it is now common for senior officers to offer their subordinates a supportive hug on meeting.
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  3. Civilians- like plod- don't salute.
  4. At least the Sea Cadet gave her one.
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  5. So would I, the Sea Cadet that is.
  6. Yes, and they are still taught saluting. Write and complain to his Divisional Cdr or the Chief Constable.
  7. Fair enough. Shutting up now am I....
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  8. I am told he is a Chief Inspector. Shame he couldn't be bothered to shine his shoes or wear his medals let alone ribbons.
    Given I saw a QDJM on eBay from a fireman last night (only received this week and already up for sale), perhaps it would be better not to issue these medals but to authorise people to buy them for £20, since the govt is always complaining about the cost of commemoration medals.
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  9. Don't know where that officer picked that up, perhaps an Avon & Somerset thing?

    Maybe it is a Met thing, but the Met taught to present compliments like below.

    I think they've abolished passing out parade and everything now.

    (Historical bit, I got told the straight up, straight down metrpolitan police salute is different from the Army salute so as not to knock off ladies hats. Maybe a little Victorian constabulary habit that survived, I genuinely do not know).

    Anyway, shouldn't he be chatting with and watching the crowd for the security and safety of all?

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  10. Which is it? One has two pips, the other has three. As you stood next to him ......
  11. From now to then they should:

    [This is interesting - remembering Churchill was head of the executive. Perhaps he was saluting Churchill as an out of uniform Air Commodore? Either way it's poor form.]
  12. Arf arf!
  13. Perhaps he's ex mob and has just gone with what he knows due to no direction ?
  14. I don't know, I mean I used to salute passing hearses and funeral corteges when in unform (and free to do so).

    Just seemed polite and respectful. Mind you, if I am off duty wearing a hat, I'll take it off in similar circumstances.

    I don't remember the Instruction Manual guidance on it in uniform.