Saluting in the Police

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by Alan Partridge, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. Just a question out of idle curiosity really...

    Do Police Constables still have to salute Inspectors and upwards these days?
  2. Do police salute the gay wavy hand army way, or in the rather more steely and smart Naval fashion?

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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. They all look like they're trying to remember where they left their keys.
  5. Are they sheilding their eyes from the sun?
  6. Agreed, that looks shit although it appears to be as a result of too many bosses standing too close together than an attempt to emulate the US style.

    When I joined in '84 we were taught drill to a passable standard and saluted officers of the rank of inspector and above. The salute taught (at the Scottish Police College) was the British Army standard long way up - short way down. That said, my tutor cop was ex - RN and insisted on saluting the boss in the Navy style, which was tolerated given his background and impressive medal ribbons. The requirement to salute senior officers went by the way in the late 80's. These days, all officers in uniform are expected to salute hearses if practicable (ie they're not directing the traffic at the time). Where on duty in the presence of the sovereign, Inspectors and above should salute.
  7. Queens Trooping the Colour June 2009 I went with Mrs Barneyrnsm and in the queue to get searched before entry there was a bobby who said nothing to anyone that passed him,including the RAF types in front of me,till we got to him and he said good morning sir and then passed idle chat while we passed him,I was in my Cadet Force Wavy Navy rig,dolphins and medals,ex matelot perhaps?
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  8. I thought the army salute is based on knights raising their visors as a sign of respect?
  9. Watched a memorial service on Meridian this evening for a copper in Kent killed 10 years ago by a hit-and-run. One of the older cops stepped smartly up to the memorial and saluted the Army way - probably an ex-squaddie then.
  10. That sounds a bit wishful to me . . . when did standardised saluting come about anyway?
  11. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Dont know where they got all that yank shit from. We were trained in 1998 to salute in the correct British Army fashion but then again we were some of the last to do drill and have a pass off. They dont even get taught not to use American gloves or to shave daily these days.
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  12. While attending the TA 100 celebrations in Londinium we were having difficulty getting the retarded steward to let us in (100 troops in DPM!!!). From nowhere appeared a police sergeant in floppy pocket trousers and a baseball cap who had a quick word with the RSM. RSM formed troops up and marched towards the barrier as the copper shouted at the mongs to get it moved. As the CO walked past the copper snapped up a smart karate chop salute. As we faded into the distance he was heard to shout "now get the barrier back you *********!" Well done plod!!
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  13. Not as wishful as showing you dont have weapon in your right hand but forgetting that your average human has two hands.
  14. american gloves?
  15. WOT HE SAID - and I'm ex-Army :))) ROFL