Saluting Foreign Officers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RobinHood, Feb 26, 2010.

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  1. Do we have to salute foreign officers?

    In Basic Training we were told that we dont salute the person, but salute the Queens Commission. Obviously Foreign officers dont hold the Queens Commission, so do we have to salute them?

    I seen a British WO in SHAPE saluting an American officer. I want to know if I dont salute can I be told to do so....... or if a foreign officer can tell me to salute them..

  2. I think it comes under manners.
  3. WAH?
  4. terroratthepicnic

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    In BLMF there were loads of foriegn officers. We never saluted them. But then I was a chef and you don't salute when wearing a chefs hat.
  5. Auld-Yin

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    How about British WOs saluting American WOs? :desertsoldier:

    Where is Chief Two when you need him :(
  6. Ravers

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    The myth that you have to salute people has been around for ages. It was basically a big Wah that some guys from the 15th Duke of Toxteths Light Yeomanry of Foot, dreamed up back in 1412. It has kind of continued ever since unnoticed.

    Next time you see any officer, don't bother saluting. If he bollocks you, explain that it is all a Wah and he will see the funny side. There is nothing anywhere in any rules that says you have to salute anyone, even the Queen.

    Gen dit.
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  7. Delighted you've cleared that up - how silly will all those officers feel for having pulled up soldiers for not saluting!
    And the Guards outside Buck House can just... relax.
  8. Sixty

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    You realise that he has alerts set up using the 'watch this topic' function so that any time the word 'saluting' appears in a thread title it sends him an email?

    He'll be along shortly. I hope you're proud of yourself.
  9. It is as previously stated down to Etiquette.

    I remember as a Young 'Lance Comical' on Exercise Truimpet Dance in good ole US of A, myself and my Detachment walked passed this Guy in a Yellowly Jogging Suit we strolled passed and he roared at me "hey Cpl Don't you Salute Fu*king Offciers?

    I sprung to attention threw up my bestest Salute and stated "I do apologise Sir I did not see any Rank Insignia, forgive me for having Gristle Balls and not Crystal"

    "May I carry on Sir Please" It went straight over his Yank Heid

    Please Do Cpl Cary On.......


  10. Slightly right, but slight amendment, in the 1400s, it was seen as very derogitory to show the palm of your hand. Rifleman Andrews as his little way of 'sticking it to the man' used to put his hand to his head palm facing outermost as his way to say 'fukc you' to all the officers he ever saw. A warrant officer saw this and started to reprimand the young soldier but he replied that he was simply waving in a smart and soldier like manner. The Warrant Officer liked this and enforced that all his men to do the same. It soon spread and made into a formal drill movement.
    So now, every time you see an officer, especially a foreign one, make sure you stick one up for him :salut:
  11. When I was at Keogh doing my CMT1 I was 'duty student' and had to march the squad from the training wing down to Q Tech. We passed a Jordanian Army Officer who responded to my salute and the squad's eyes right by stopping, saluting and bowing at the same time. After we had passed we doubled down through the spiders and came out by the band hut to go round again, the third time he had disappeared and we were getting late!
  12. I saluted a German forest ranger once , to the complete mirth of all those around me.Looking at the resplendent uniform and the age of the chap , I assumed he was boxhead colonel.Their posties used to look bloody smart too, I seem to remember.
  13. We used to set saluting traps for Cloggie officers on bicycles in the icy winters in Hohne. Wait for it, wait for it EYES LEFT.

    Cloggie: Argh, wobble. wobble CRASH.

  14. When I was at Keogh on the final phase of the EOC we were told that as we were officers we were not expected to form up and march about. Then there were complaints that the soldiers cutting about camp were spending too much time saluting indivdual officers so could we please move about in groups. Then we were asked that if we were moving about in groups could we please form up in ranks with one of us taking charge to pay/return compliments as required.

    So, sort of like forming up and marching then?

    To the OP, as already said, it's a subtle way of insulting them that only Toms understand.
  15. I too fell for that. I saluted the local Fire Officer when he was inspecting Glamorgan Barracks, Dusiburg.Too many moons ago to contemplate!