Saluting at the halt Question

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Mick_Piper, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. Right I don't know if this was a joke to see if we do it around battalion or if it's a genuine drill movement but hopefully some guards lads can put this right. This sounded a bit l strange to me and some of the other lads on the cadre but the drill instructor seemed pretty sure this was the correct way to salute when at the halt.

    When mingling about in a group around battalion (or anywhere) and a officer walks past to the left or right of the group the drill pig said the correct way to salute him was.... Head and eyes over to the left/ right arm comes up to salute as usual..... BUT your left leg comes forward as if u where marching but stays firm on the heel with the toe pointing upward. Then when the officer walks by, slam the tabs in and continue your discussion about the fat bird you pumped the night before. Anyone else herd this before?

    Let the slating begin!!
  2. Some one is pulling your leg mate.
  3. This has got to be a wind up!
  4. After speaking to people I'm starting to think is a wind up as well, good thing I've not done it yet!
  5. I'll caveat this by letting you all know I'm not at all interested in Drill but I do recall seeing Scots Guards doing soemthing odd; flailing their arms and legs at the same when saluting at the halt...or maybe it was saluting when coming to a halt, in an office or handing over parade.

    From the looks of crow_bag's avatar I hope he'll confirm or deny on behalf of fellow Guards types.
  6. The Scots Guards do some wazzing drill movement where they bang a salute out whilst banging their tabs in at the same time. I'm not sure when they do this but I'm pretty sure they do when when on memoranda and that sort of thing.
  7. And what is wrong with tapping the front of your head dress with two fingers and stating , "Awight Boss"?
  8. thats the way ''we'' army reserve do it so it must be right..
  9. You could try and see how many Officers get confused by it.
  10. Sounds like Harry Worth
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  11. As an ex drill thingy(RAC so folks might think he knows sweet FA)it's a load of bollocks.
    Quite simple, someone calls the "group" to attention, same individual turns to face the officer, throws one up(and before anyone comments I don't mean puke), officer passes by, group returns to whatever it was doing.
  12. *in Jay Silverheels stylee* 'Drill Pig speak with forked tongue'.
  13. Here's some handy hints...

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  14. To the original poster, none of that is in the drill manual - however, The Gr*nad*er Guards have been making shit up since they were formed in 1927, so if your Drill Instructor was a Gobbler, anything is possible. The Bill Browne Bastards.
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  15. There are many peculiarities when it comes to saluting.

    For instance, when you salute the MO... Snap your head and eyes to the right/left and click the fingers of the opposite hand at the same time. Without further examination, the squad will be issued anti-inflammatories and excused drill for a month.