Saluting ACF Officers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by King-walt, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. A wah question but are we expected to salute ACF officers? Some wear an epaulette with ACF emblazoned in gold but some may wear a normal regimental one :?

  2. Yes, they hold a TA Type B Commission.
  3. No ******* way, ever. I'd happily take the extras, even though I know for a fact CoC would never bollock you for not...
  4. Just do the old 'remove head dress and spark a fag'
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  5. **** that shit, bullied at school power freak child touchers can **** the **** off
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  6. Your CoC wouldn't bollock you for not saluting an officer who holds the Queens commission?

    I have no problem with saluting an ACF officer, I'll probably never have to work with one but I've seen a few cutting around various camps I've been on, not only does it help keep people happy (you never know when you might need a favour/help) but not to do so just shows you and your unit up as unprofessional and chippy.
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  7. Hahaha, now I've heard everything; a woodentop calling a Royal Marine 'chippy and unprofessional'! **** off! Shouldn't you be marching round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round the square?

  8. Roobie.

    I like you. In fact, I like like you.

    Do you like like me?


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  9. And what are the extras than? The RSM shoving his cock up your arse for insolence?

    Well it kind of occured to me after I popped down to the local det and put forward an interest in becoming a part-time instructor (TA doesn't take up too much time at the mo), the CO took his little red book out and I'd spotted his MOD90 with 6 digit SN and it occured to me why would an ACF officer have a MOD90 and a service number than I googled this "type B commission", and its also applicable to the other cadet forces, interesting stuff!

    Maybe I could become an ACF officer as well as being rifleman and eventually get a type B commission and turn up on tuesday nights wearing that sexy "ACF" 2nd Lt. epaulette and everyone would have to salute meeeeeeee!!! :excited:
  10. Is it even possible to march round and round something that is square?

    Incidentally crow_bag is quite correct, the British Army is based on a certain acceptance of and conformity to prescibed criteria; one of which is saluting commissioned officers (whether Regular, TA or ACF). I don't think we want to start down the road of letting people decide which rules they want to obey and which they don't. If you don't like it then Foxtrot Oscar and work in Tescos.
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  11. Salute and say 'morning fatty'.

    Balance restored.
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  12. So this question has never been asked on here before? before we hear the same old rants try using the search function!
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  13. A few INTERNET hard men here. In the real world you salute regardless because if you don't the RSM appears out of nowhere and invites you to his office to roll some dice the prize on offer being weekend duties.

    Remember your saluting the commission not the man.

    Salute and be on your way keeps life simple.
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  14. Nice one, just because you couldn't hack it in a lesser line regiment doesn't mean you should get all bitter and chippy with me.

    Not saluting a commissioned officer because you don't like what organisation they're part of is chippy and unprofessional.
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  15. I see that the punters who escaped their Manning Control point by 'accepting' the job of armscote storeman are out tonight. You know the kind; with the mythical '**** all officers' tatooed on the outside of the little finger on their right hand.