Saluting a Funeral Cortege on Op Banner

Discussion in 'Northern Ireland (Op BANNER)' started by MBLU, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. Saluting:
    Personnel are to salute the coffin when passing a funeral cortege.

    This is in general I believe; any JSP etc? What was your experience in Northern Ireland?

    I have been searching around the web and found this:

    Irish Times 12 March 1971:

    British troops saluting during the funeral yesterday of Mr Charles Hughes of Servia Street who was killed in exchanges of gunfire between I.R.A. Regulars and Provisionals in the Lower Falls last Monday night. Strict security precautions were in place along the route of the funeral to Milltown Cemetery.
  2. Been done
  3. Yep did it a few times on our Omagh tour if funeral cars passed through a VCP
  4. For two reasons

    1. It showed we were better than them.

    2. It really wound them up ;)
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  5. Even funnier if they had been topped by the security forces
  6. Exactly :)
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  7. We had a CO and an Adjutant who were routinely smartly saluted by the boys if they strayed out on to the ground - despite their sterling efforts, they buggers never did get shot.
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  8. I may be wrong, but the coffin of Sgt Willetts GC (3 PARA) was taken on a gun carriage past RUC Springfield Road (where he'd been killed) in May '71 with route lining. There's photos somewhere I'm sure.

    Seems extraordinary - there's no way that would have happened in later years despite the (relative) reduction in casualty rates.
  9. You're not wrong.

    I was there!

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