Salute tot he front

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by super_geed, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. Can any drill pig tell me why salute to the front is carried out and why do you salute twice then turn around?
  2. In case they miss the first one.
  3. Because drill is a gift from our good lord, like trifle, Lee Enfields, FFM porn and whore killers.

    When you walk into an office housing a Rodney, you will march in, come to a halt, salute him, discuss whatever dribble he wants you for, pay him a compliment in the form of a salute, turn about, obeying the regulation pauses and march out.

    The salute to the front simplifies all that into one delicious smart and soldierly movement.
  4. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    The good old fashioned pay parade! Bit out of date now of course.
  5. Wah??

    OK, I'll bite.............'the reason this movement is taught is to allow you to pay compliments blah blah blah..................'

    You do it twice to acknowledge Himself, then say your piece, then wave him goodbye, about turn and feck orf as rapidly as you can before he realises what EXACTLY it is you said.

    ........unless you are from a certain Regiment of Foot Guards who also give it 'Leave to leave , sir, please'.
  6. salute to the front is for confined spaces - salute to the left, as the name suugests is carried out with the laft hand. Salute to the right with the right hand. Salute to the front usually right hand centre of forehead. :)
  7. Thanks, Taffnp - always wondered about that....

    But why is the second salute followed by an about turn? Shouldn't the movement comprise two right turns, thereby avoiding the insult of turning your back to the officer? (Pay parade is right turn, right wheel - an action I continue in front of the issuing ATM these days)
  8. Erm - they got rid of the left handed salute beginning of last century.
  9. There's always one... :roll:
  10. Dam this whiskey - I shall shuffle off regardless of the fact I was correct ;-)
  11. Sorry that is not even a drill move.
    You don't salute tots. :roll:
  12. Unless for some reason you don't have a right arm, in which case you are permitted to salute with the left hand.
  13. IIRC saluting at the halt was the only time in the drill book that you could give the 'two fingered' salute (like the Duke of Wellington, or the Polish Army). It was an option, but none of us ever dared to do it. Is it still in the book, or is my aged brain producing false memories?
    Sorry, I could not find a pic of the said Duke saluting, so you will have to make do with this 'ludy pani' instead.

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  14. Interesting. I was at one point and was not required to salute (1992). Even went on orders and did not salute.
  15. I thought you then had special dispensation and were allowed to nod, wink and comment "Roight me ole cocker" :)