Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by putteesinmyhands, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. Fukcing democracy? Never in my day!!!! (This counts as No).

  2. No. There are traditions to be maintained.

  3. Yes. But only the one- or two-fingered variety when his back is turned. (This counts as No).

  4. Yes. But only Warrant Officers of your own nationality.

  5. Yes. Warrant Officers of all nationalities should be saluted.

  1. Chief_Two, ever since he was a lowly New_WO1, has been harping on about his need to be saluted - it seems that US forces salute their Warrant Officers.

    He has been told in no uncertain terms, on numerous occasions, that it's not the done thing elsewhere and that many Warrant Officers take pride in their NOT being saluted.

    Chiefy has suggested that NATO should reconsider its traditions and come in line with the US policy.

    Obviously, the time has come for a poll on the issue.

    Please complete the poll, giving your views. The scenario is that you are a Junior Rank or Senior NCO (subordinate to a Warrant Officer) about to cross the path of an unknown Warrant Officer, whether he be of your own nationality or otherwise, for the first time. You are wearing whatever accoutrements that are necessary to allow you to salute a commissioned officer of your own nation (e.g. in the case of the British Army, headdress).

    The poll is open to all nationalities - the more the better - and to officers (remembering the scenario).

    If the poll turns out in favour of saluting WOs, I'll give the CGS a bell and get him to change the Regulations. If it turns out to be against, I'd hope that Chief_Two will phone his C-in-C and give him the good news. (Can't beat phone sex, can you?).

    Happy polling. (7 days and the clock is ticking).
  2. It all depends on the army that you're in. In some armies even NCOs should be saluted.

    Even so, if you saw a Warrant Officer from almost any other country (apart from the UK, and US), would you even recognise his rank insignia?
    I've seen Danish privates getting salutes, due to foreign soldiers not recognising their insignia.
  3. I saluted a WO2 once. Never made that mistake again.
  4. Just voted - posting to keep this visible!

    In 32yrs service I have served with several US CWs. All were consumate professionals and experts in their own field. As to being saluted by UK WOs/SNCOs/JNCOs/ORs, they never were - and I can't recall the subject ever arising. Nuff said.
  5. Once seen a Grenadier Guard salute a RCT (brave while ago) Driver, he was wearing metal RCT shoulder titles, Guard caught the glint, thought it was a pip and threw one up.

    BTW it was returned with a thank you and carry on.

    Crowborough 1990
  6. I've been saluted by pongo's more senior to me!

    And I too have saluted WO2's on more than one occasion :oops: (I blame pongos wearing dpm rank slides at PJHQ!)

    As already mentioned, certain other countries have their SNCO's saluted. I did a stint with the French navy a while ago and their SNCO's get saluted.
  7. Hmm. I don't like any of the options. I was going to go for 'Only of your own nationality', but I didn't want to give the impression that I would impose such a view on a Brit meeting a Brit WO.

    Any chance of a "Follow the local custom of the country whose base you are on" option? (i.e. the "When in Rome" idea.)

  8. Fukcing democracy? Never in my day!!!! (This counts as No).

    ...and I speak as a recently retired WO1.
  9. I considered this, but Chief-Two's plan is to change policy across the board. Chiefy's idea has merit in that it will prevent confusion, particularly in respect of a new visitor to a strange land where he won't know the customs.

    It's not unreasonable for a visitor to show respects in the manner to which he has become accustomed in his own country, with his hosts being informed that no disrespect is intended if that manner does not equate to their own.
  10. This is certainly true, and it would be a poor host indeed who did not take cultural difference into account if the guest in question was simply unaware of the unusual habits of the host. On the other hand, it is also a poor guest who does not research the customs of the host culture either, or at the very least follow them once duly advised.

    However, since it's not an option, I'll probably go the 'Fcuk Democracy' vote.

  11. I selected the Traditions should be maintained option. Althought personally, I think Chief_Two should go away to die somewhere. And I cannot believe that there are people who holding a Warrent with such a chip's on their shouldiers - that would never happen in the British Army.
  12. The two fingered salute - mainly in good humour as which self respecting W.O. would WANT to be saluted????
  13. Chief_Two grow up ... you earn respect it isnt issued from the QM's with your badge of rank
  14. No, It would be the thin edge of the wedge, first the WO's, then Snco's because 'we've been here a long time and the Army would collapse without us, we deserve recognition'.

    Followed by Jnco's because after all 'We do have Officer in the title somewhere'.

    Then the equality police would kick in with 'No one is more important/better than anyone else' so even the other ranks should be saluted.

    I know, if we all salute everyone else then all we've got to do is introduce some sort of order about it, what about a demarcation line set somewhere around the Second Lieutenant/Leftenant/whatever level. Then every one lower in rank salutes first and the senior rank responds! do you think it could work?

    The gate guard at Chelsea Barracks during the first firemans strike must have had really sore arms after they threw one up to every Greenjacket that came through the gate, apparently our shoulder titles looked like crowns, they must have thought there was a lot of Majors in that Bn.
  15. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Theres no option for 'fcuk off and crawl back under the rock you came from you pr1ck'. The rank of WO without being saluted has been around for longer than the US so WTF should the rest of the world come into line with them? Arrogant or what?!?!

    Once heard a story from a porter at Cambridge university about a sceptic asking 'is this building pre-war' he replied 'madam this building is pre-USA' apparently she looked a little perplexed. It's individuals like these that give Americans in general such a bad rep. Fcuking amaturs....