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Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by RemeaviThanatos, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. Hello Ladies and gentlemen,

    Taking the oppertunity to say I am greatly looking forward to participation in this community. I am someone who strongly feels aggrieved at the home front situation. I am looking here for information and discussion of tried and tested kit, companionship and a laugh. I enjoy training, bushcraft/self sufficiency, British indiginous culture. I dislike Senior Immigration judges who are lamentably failing in their jobs along with a general corruption and apathetic torpor of certain establishment groups together with the voracious ethic free greed of the business ethos stabbing the british in the back. Apart from this hey I'm a bundle of laughs- emergency cornflake anyone?

    Looking forward to meeting you.

    Best and kindest regards,

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  2. Hello Mr RTh, how are you being doing today, isn't it?
  3. Back from the Dead? You should fit in nicely. Have a nice time. :)
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  4. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    What's his real account name then? It is Sunday after all...
  5. No idea but it's a smashing first post.
  6. Welcome to the mad house, a little insanity isn't a requirement but it's a bonus.
  7. Sorry no idea what this refers to! had issues on Sundays have we. None here I'm afraid this is a genuine first introductory post tis all. Thanks for doodies gents. looking for others join to attempt to rebuild what seems to be a rapidly expanding cess pit rapidly going further down the toilet, got angry this morning reading about that Senior Immigration official (one of many who seem intent on using human rights legeslation as an act of terrorism on the British people) and felt like getting in touch with others who have actually got the bottle to do something about issue like this, at the end of the day people can keep running away emigrating and so on but there comes a point when tactical retreat is no longer possible and a killing ground (metaphorically speaking natch) must be set up. There seems to be alot of traitors in the camp, so many in fact that Im potentially heading into a camp I may not wish to be in. Just looking for nice decent genuine people with a sense of humour who don't put up with this incessant Bo*****s being thrown in our faces is all.
  8. Silence is Golden...
  9. You'll fit right in, I like you already. Got a mother/sisters/daughters?
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  10. Thank God! At last a like minded individual. I too am incensed, but that's because the LBFM has been burning joss sticks all morning. Immigration officials? Most of them are foreign and should be deported anyway.

    Football players - now there's a thing. They should all be made to play cricket for Australia until they cheer up. And speaking of cheering up, THREE CHEERS for HER MAJESTY!

    And now a special message of sympathy for those of you who live in Yorkshire. It must be awful for you!

    There. Now, where's me whisky. Ah there you are, no, wait, you are sherry, her sister. Never mind you'll do. Gerrem Oooooooooooooooooorf.
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  11. Mr RTh I am thinking you are needing to open the light.
  12. In the case of your bushcraft, do you practice it here? You must be very good cos I can't see you down the bottom of my Garden and the dog hasn't barked.
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  13. Just when we'd got rid of Rayc...
  14. Don't listen to the doubters, Remi. I definitely think you should stick around; I think your style will bring a polish to these tarnished pages.

    Have you yet been invited to address the Oxford Union? I believe they consider themselves to be the last bastion of free speech in the western world. Some of the greats have spoken there: Einstein; Margaret Thatcher, Michael Barrymore, The Cheeky Girls, you get the picture. I'll let them know you're available if you like.

    the Oxford Union - The Oxford Union
  15. Nope, nope and nope. Thanks for welcome all, kettle has boiled and now ready for a brew. :biggrin: