Salmond services Two Constituencies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. Alex Salmond is currently MP for Buchan and Banff and MSP for Gordan. Without discussing His renumeration for the three jobs He is currently employed in, can He successfully look after two different sets of constituents AND run Scotland.

    I don't think so and suggest He should resign His position as MP.

    The facts surrounding Mr Salmonds circumstances
  2. Sorry Sven - on opposite sides again I'm afraid.

    As a Welshman living in London I am a little uneasy commenting upon a Scottish gentleman and his political activities within that land.

    My only concern is that he can vote upon matters affecting only those of us living in England and Wales, whilst my MP - the Honourable Member for Putney - cannot vote on matters affecting Scottish residents.

    I listen though to Mr. Salmond and in my opinion he makes much more sense than anything I have heard uttered by any member of the current government for ten years or more. He appears to know what he wants and where he is going, a concept far beyond the intellectual capacity of the former 'Spiv in Chief' and the current 'Stalinist Control Freak'.

    As for his emoluments, which you delicately declined to comment upon, it goes without saying that as a 'politician' it is likely that he will have a gigantic proboscis stuck firmly into an enormous diamond encrusted gold plated trough - grunt, slurp, oink.
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    The SNP do not vote on purely English (or indeed English/Welsh) legislation as a point of principle.
  4. Only to the tune of (roughly) £150,000 pa
  5. Alex Salmond is my MP in London and the first minister of my Nation .
    It is patently obvious that he will have to reliquish his Westminster postition at some time , thing is when , his workload in the Scottish parliament denies him time to attend W estminster and like many other constituents feel it should be sooner that later.

    I did mention this to him .

  6. If it can be demonstrated that Salmond is not able to perform all three functions satisfactorily, it is right and proper he should surrender one or more. Sven, can you demonstrate that he incapable of performing all three?

    Now, just out of interest. Is this a personal crusade of yours, or is it part of LibDem central office policy?
  7. Two posts does not a crusade make :D The Lib Dems are concerned with the money He is making for not turning up at Westminster which forced Him to first of all say that He would stop claiming His Westminster wage and latterly to come out with the Trust Fund thing.

    I think that I would hold the same opinion of a Scottish Parliament minister of whatever hue in similar circumstances - ministers find it hard enough to do both jobs - it is impossible to represent two different constituencies and fulfill His responsibilities as First Minister
  8. I see.

    Now, if I were in wheelchairwarrier's shoes and felt a bit disenfranchised by Salmond's inability to be in two places at once, I think I'd have a right to make representations and ask him to reconsider his position.

    But I'm at a loss to understand why somebody in Skipton should be so concerned. Especially when that concern is not about disenfanchisement, but about the use/drain of public funds - and its coming from somebody who is himself a drain on public funds.
  9. Do you think that he will give any thing while the cash is rolling in. He is picking up about £250,000.00 as an British MP the time you add up his expenses, plus his office costs and his salary, then if he get the same in Scotland then he will have a double pension to look forward to and with all that traveling he does not have time to do any work, so he can leave that to his staff and then he has time for all that private work. Very nice if you can get it.
  10. Personally I think he should resign his Westminster post now he is First Minister, As a Jock I think thats what he should concentrate on. His constiuency is not far from where I live and from what I hear he is an excellent MP who actually cares about his constiuents.

    And the old "he can vote on English matters while my MP cant vote on Scottish matters" has been raised already. My opinion is that Scottish MP's should not vote on purely English matters. But bear in mind that the Westminster Parliament has controlled all matters in Scotland from 1707 until very recently with what ?, five times the amount of English MP's than Scottish. So the English didnt seem to mind when they basically dictated to us through their massive majority but the thought of us having a small say in what goes on in England brings all sorts of protests !!, its not like we can outvote you is it ??
  11. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    I agree, but to be fair I should point out that SNP MPs in Westminster do not vote on purely English (or Welsh or Northern Irish) matters.

    SNP at Westminster

    Do LibDem MPs in Westminster who represent Scottish constituencies vote on purely English, Welsh or Northern Irish matters Sven?
  12. Seems Salmond is using his two thirds of his MSP Salary to set up a Charitable Trust in the name of his late Mother, it will be used to benefit Youth and Community projects in North East Scotland.

    When was the last time an MP did this ??
  13. I understand that the figure is one third of His MSPs salary to this end - still an awful lot but how much did He set up in a trust before He was outed?

    I would also advert You to Dennis Skinners altruism, He has been donating a large portion of His (only) wage to charities for years
  14. Without getting involved in the West Lothian question there is a good point here. Is it still legal for someone to be an MP, MSP and leader of the Scottish waste of money? If so, is that fair to anybody?
  15. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Remind me Sven, did Jim Wallace set up a trust or give back any salary when he served as Deputy First Minister, MSP and MP? Did he ever vote on purely English, Welsh or Northern Irish matters in Westminster?