Salmond jumps on the outrage waggon!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Murphy_Slaw, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. Even though Sepp Blatter, the president of Fifa and a member of the International Olympic Committee, has written to Scotland and Wales to try to reassure them they have nothing to worry about by entering the Olympics, Alex Salmond still tries to sound all "Bravehart" and fires up the outrage wagon.

    I don't want this to be a sweaty bashing thread, more a why don't politicians of all shades wind their necks in and listen.

    So come on all you Scottish, Welsh and Ulster folk.........

    If you get written guaranties that your home football unions will not be effected,
    What is wrong with a Great Britain footy team for 2012?

    I think most of Britain would go along with it. I also think that Salmond is a political male chicken of the highest order who just likes to sound of his own voice. Askm him what he thinks about the British Lions or the European Ryder cup team!
  2. In a similar vein:

    Chris Hoy

    Good on ye Chris. Personally I think Salmond (and all the other tw@ts in the SNP) are small-minded ignorant fannies.
  3. I just wonder why we need another stage for the over-paid prima-donnas?
  4. Active Link

    It's good to see that AS is as out of touch with people as our own resident Scotsman.
  5. I am truly patriotic and Scottish through and through, but I'd hate to see a Seperate Scottish Team.

    The ridicule of being beaten by all those other little teams.........

    Yes we may only get one maybe two if we are lucky in Team GB for football but hey, its a game for nonce's.

  6. Totally agree. The Olympics is a blessed relief from football, with little or no coverage of the tournament. Enter a British team and it'll be pretty much all that we see.
  7. Oh I hope they get lottery funding to succeed as well - I mean they're scraping by as it is
  8. I won't have anything bad said about the jocks, because on the whole they are nice people. That tw*t Salmond though is an utter c*nt. He bases his whole political stance on pure petty mindedness and he would screw Scotland over if it meant that the english would look bad. His anti-english policies cover up for the fact that he is an old school socialist of the type old labour would have been proud. The only thing going for him is that he's a good rabble rouser. So to sum up, Alex Salmond- tosser!!!
  9. You're actually using unfair comparissons, after all the IRB do not want to control world club rugby as do FIFA (they're quite happy pandering to the fecking New Zelanders constant whinging). Plus the Europeans were invited into the Ryder Cup primarily because the GB and Ireland team were getting a constant kicking from the Septics (changed days indeed :D )

    The English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish FAs all have vital voting rights within FIFA, something that Blatter wants to reduce to enable him to sell...sorry redistribute to more favoured voting partners. Personally I trust Blatter and his cronies about as much as the sell by date on a NAAFI pie
  10. Fair point. My real reason for posting this thread was to guage the feeling of (mainly) the Scottish members of Arrse on a British Olympic footy team.
    Because I think Salmond is out of touch with the Scottish public and is increasingly trying to stir up anti - English sentiment.
    For the record, I'm English, living in Scotland.
  11. For the record, I'm a Scotsman - and I think Salmond is lying, devious, trecherous fat wee cnut who I would not trust to manage my local Tescos, never mind run my country.

    Alex Salmond = Tartan Tony Blair. :evil:

    Oh - and there should'nt be ANY football in the Olympics. Tennis, Basketball and Baseball can Foxtrot Oscar as well, IMHO.

    We should include MMA in the 2012 Games though - give Sandy the Guvnor a chance to go for Gold! :twisted:
  12. Sum up the insecurity that permeates football, lots of other sports manage to have a UK team for an annual or bi-annual tour/tournament.
  13. I think its a good idea to field one team representing Great Britain. I don't understand football politics, but since the Olympics are 'technically' an amateur event, FIFA shouldn't be involved, as they're a professional body.

    I know, it's never as simple as that, but it should be.

    As for Salmond - well it's the same old thing. Big dreams with absolutely no plan on how it could be realistically achieved - must be a politician. :wink:
  14. As shockingly poor as the England team is at the moment, who would get in from the other 3 countries?

    Giggs will be too old...

    Gareth Bale?

    ( Not a dig, a genuine question )

    Having read the article, this bit is a GOOD idea.....

    "Acting Scottish Labour leader Cathy Jamieson has set out an alternative to the prime minister's plan.

    She has suggested a home nations play-off, with the winner going forward to play as the British team"
  15. I'm a Scotman and I don't support the SNP or independence. However, I believe Salmond has got it right on this one and the vast majority of the Scottish public (certainly the football supporting part) will back him on this.

    I wouldn't trust Blatter or FIFA (remember Jack Warner?) if they assured me the sky was blue and the grass green. As soon as a Team GB was announced you'd would have other nations demanding to know why can't we compete in the World Cup, UEFA Cup and so on as one. We would also have to give up our position on the International Football Association Board (they're the ones who decide the rules). Quite a few countries have already moaned about how unfair it is that 'Britain' gets 4 seats and 4 entries into the World Cup etc. Formally establishing a GB team would give them enough ammunition to force Team GB to be the norm.

    The duty of the Scottish FA (and likewise the Welsh and NI FAs) is to look after the interests of Scottish football, which are quite different to those of English football. It's not just the national team that would be affected, it would also have a major effect on club football (loss of identity, single league structure, loss of European slots). The damage of this would be proportionally worse in Scotland, Wales and NI than in England.

    The fiasco of the 2005 Lions tour is another reason why a football Team GB is a poor idea.

    Gordon Brown and Seb Coe can get tae f*ck.