Salmond and the SNP hypocracy and nonsense

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, May 11, 2010.

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  1. Does anybody else feel as I do that the SNP has completely lost the plot with its grandstanding that the Conservatives have no right to enter government.

    I understand the rhetoric that the Conservatives only received 15% support in Scotland, but so what? Salmond seems to think his 6 MPs and and less than 500,000 total votes gives him more right to be in a national government than the Tories.

    I appreciate that he wants more decisions to be made in Scotland, but what hypocracy he speaks. He wants to be in Parliament in London, in Government of the entire country, and making decisions for the entire Union - whilst arguing that the Tories have no "right" to govern in Scotland.

    Does anybody listen to his nonsense and think it holds any credibility? He really is starting to sound like some of the speeches made by the ultra-Serb nationalists in 1990: we want governance over you, but you have no right to govern us.

    For the record, I take no position on Scottish independence.
  2. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    SNP - less votes than BNP. Go figure.
  3. THe S being for Scottish and the B being for British might have something to do with it.
  4. Sixty

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    Hoorah! Another SNP thread.

    I don't suppose a kindly passing CA mod would do the honours and merge it with the others?
  5. Sixty

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    Go figure indeed. The SNP only stood in Scotland so it's only sensible to count the BNP votes in Scotland too, no?

    491,386 SNP
    8,910 BNP
  6. I just pray that the SNP and Plaid Cymru get the independence they wish for.

    If the Tories have no mandate for Scotland.. then it stands to reason that the celtic fringe have no mandate in England.
  7. As a Scot I wish Salmond would just disappear completely - he is a waste of space and since he ain't an MP has no right to comment on Westminster
  8. should have had him on the tv debates.
    Only if the other 3 were allowed to really
    go for him :twisted:

    blokes a twat don't think his sums work out. wants to run scotland like norway more likely to be another greece except colder wetter and dour :D
  9. I don't mind buffons talking buffoonery.

    What worries me is that people may actually think is buffoonery has some legitimacy and credibility.
  10. The SNP have found the structural weakness in the current set-up and are pushing at it for all they're worth, trying to widen the cracks. That shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone, really. It's not like they've ever made a secret of it.

    As to the division of powers, Scottish MPs - including the SNP ones - don't get to vote on devolved matters any more than English, Welsh or Northern Irish MPs do even though those matters directly affect their constituency - a situation which doesn't pertain to their English, Welsh and Irish counterparts.

    They do all, however, get to vote on all matters that are within the competency of the Parliament that they do belong to, regardless of whether it affects their constituency or not - the same as every other Westminster MP can. This has always been the case and is nothing new. What is new is that we now have a situation where the national government, indifferent at best to a part of the country that resoundingly rejected their party, can actively undermine the democratically elected regional government. Does anyone seriously expect the Tories not to play to their particular jock-bashing gallery?

    Eck is grandstanding. He's a politician, it's what they do. But I doubt that he truly 'wants' to be in Westminster, seeing how he's campaigning for independence from it. A necessary evil at most, IMO, since any national decoupling will ultimately have to happen there.
  11. Just like the Tories have no mandate in Scotland
  12. This will jump up to 700 pages then :D
  13. I have to admit, I'm looking forward to watching the English reaction when CamClegg crash and burn. I'll give it about six months and the majority of ARRSE will be calling for their heads on the Palace railings.

    Still, at least you'll be getting fcuked by one of your own instead of some mad fatherless from North of the Border. You, my English brothers, are about to learn a lesson as old as war and warriors: Be very, very careful what you wish for... :omfg: :twisted:
  14. Salmond has been sulking ever since the Stn Cdr at RAF Buchan (in Salmond's Peterhead constituency) ordered him to be escorted from the Officers' Mess and removed from the Stn after making disrespectful comments regarding the Queen at a Spring reception!

    MM :clap:
  15. Oh, and Alec Salmond is a cnut. :D