Sally walks the dog

Little Sally asked her mummy if she could take the dog for a walk
Her Mother said "No, she's in season"
"What does that mean?" Sally asked.
"Go and ask your Daddy, he's in the garage." said Sally's mum.
Sally went out to the garage "Daddy, I wanted to take the dog for a walk, but mummy said I couldn't because she's in season, and to come and ask you."
Her dad said "Bring the dog over here Sally." he got a rag and soaked it with petrol, then he scrubbed the dogs backside with it to disguise her scent.
He said to Sally "OK, you can go now, but make sure you keep the dog on the lead and only go round the block once."
Ten minutes later Sally was back....No dog....No lead.!!
Her surprised Dad said "Where's the dog?"
Sally replied...."Well, when we were only half way round the block she ran out of petrol.......and another dog is pushing her home." !!!!

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