Sally Army and Church Army in BFG...


I was told recently that Salvation Army and Church Army canteens in BFG and Poland are being closed down at the insistence of Naafi. Can anyone confirm this?
No, don't think so.
Salvation Army is actually looking at increasing it's role in BFG, although there may be some changes in the way things are done so as not to affect PAYD.
Haven't heard this. There used to be a rule that NAAFI could only ask that a rival establishment could be closed if they were prepared to offer an equivalent service. This effectively ruled them out of tendering for various op theatres whereas others, notably the Dutch in B-H, were happy to oblige. Of course once the s**t had stopped flying, NAAFI were knocking on the door claiming unfair competition etc...
cpunk, I think this may stem from where a Garrison takes on a Pay As You Dine contract. Naafi then hold the rights to all catering and shops on site, and I believe that this has meant the closure of some other catering outlets in some locations. As a for instance, the Naafi now run the Regimental PRI shop in Bruggen!!


That was the word in Herford this time last year Cpunk. I understand that the same applied to JHQ. The Red Shield in Normandy Bks, Sennelager was under orders to pack up and go around the same time, in fact that very facility had its own thread on ARRSE a few months back when the subject was raised then. Don't know if these excellent facilities are still there, but I do hope so, especially the canteen in Herford. Great scoff.

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