Salisbury Plain Pictures

Thanks for that; I particularly liked the Foreign Visitors page. Bet they really enjoyed their visits. :twisted:
Looking at the Sultan pics, I used to drive one, the thought occured that the Army would grind to a halt without Chieftain side-bins. There must be millions of these in a depot somewhere.
Nice one Cowhead. Shame no Chieftain MBT photo,s. Probably all having pack lifts,ha! Never the less, some great pics, thanks.
Its called a Cormorant.

CORMORANT uses Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) technology adapted for the military to deliver high tech equipment, quickly. CORMORANT will comprise two primary equipments. Firstly a local access component, based on an ATM switch, which will provide digital voice subscriber facilities and a high speed data LAN for over 20 Headquarters. A wide area component will allow the interconnection of these Headquarters, on a 'backbone' communications network across a large geographical area as well as the means to interconnect with single service and multinational systems. Interconnection of components will be possible using microwave radio relay, satellite communications, commercial cable bearers and a new Tropo-Scatter 'over the horizon' capability. CORMORANT will also provide a limited mobile secure voice capability and a comprehensive communications network management system.
tankieboy said:
Its called a Cormorant.
Aren't Cormorants the birds that always get covered in oil and die when a tanker spills it's load.

Should have called it the Dodo or another just as inspiring name!!

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