*Salisbury London Train Stranded in Matlock*

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bumper, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. -0- Mar/06/2009 13:51 GMT

    In a worrying incident this morning, several hundred passengers on the 06:45 commuter train from Salisbury to London have become stranded in Matlock, Derbyshire; some 150 miles from their intended destination. In what Network Rail managers called, “a rail traffic control nightmare,” the South West Trains service was redirected several times following an electrical fault which delayed the train at Basingstoke.

    Mr Roy Parrish, Director of Services for Network Rail said, “The train experienced electrical issues at Basingstoke and was moved temporarily onto another line to keep the main line clear. When the fault was cleared it was unfortunately not possible to move the service back because of other services using the main London line.” He went on to explain that once on the Reading line it was easier to divert ahead via Reading but due to confusion there, the service was misdirected to Oxford by which time it had been inadvertently labelled in the Network Control Centre as a train destined for Birmingham New Street. Mr Parrish continued, “immediately the error was spotted, a decision was taken to bypass Birmingham and route the service up the Sheffield line from where is would continue to Doncaster and join the high speed East Coast line south to London. The train though, broke down en route to Sheffield several miles outside Matlock.

    “Although it sounds like a comedy of errors,” a harassed Mr Parrish explained, “it really is just an unfortunate sequence of events. I want to emphasise that passenger safety has not been compromised and everything that can be done is being done to get these people to their destination.”

    Passengers on the train however, vented their anger and irritation to news desks by mobile telephone. Mrs Margaret Evans-Pritchard (67), a retired teacher from Shipton Bellinger was an exception and said in a telephone interview, “It’s all been rather fun really, a sort of mystery tour and the Peak District is so pretty at this time of year.” However, a Mr Francis Dart, (45), an insurance broker from Salisbury, summed up the prevailing dark mood on the train when he said, “it’s utterly absurd. What should be a one and a half hour journey has taken all day going in the opposite direction and now we’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with only one loo between us. Just sums this country up.”

    Investigators from the Rail Accident Investigation Branch are said to be not involved given no “incident,” has actually taken place but, “may take an interest to see if lessons can be learned,” an unnamed spokesman said.

    South West Trains said they were confident of getting all the passengers to their ultimate destinations in time for the weekend.
  2. Matlock's a dead end. They must have been sent up the branch from Ambergate junction. Astonishing!

  3. SPOTTER !
  4. I prefer "Railway engineering consultant" but hey! :D
  5. can they get out of there and on to Sheffield then? Actually, looking at the map it would make much more sense to go to Leicester via Derby but then they've already been through Derby. Why would that be then?
  6. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Dear Humphreplacements,

    Someone's playing one heck of a game of 'Mornington Crescent' there!

    Mrs. Trellis
  7. How they got where they are is a mystery because the chance of having a driver on a Salisbury - London Service who had the route knowledge to permit him to operate over all the routes described is unusual to say the least. Obvious thing to do from Ambergate Junction would be to take the Midland mainline through Derby and down to London St Pancras. Why anyone thought routing via Sheffield to get onto the East Coast Mainline would be a good idea I don't know. You'd still have to go up to Doncaster I think. Mental.

    I'm thinking it's a spoof.
  9. well, they could have changed drivers couldn't they. Can you check it out? I'd be interested..
  10. I wonder if BR will charge them for the extra mileage
  11. You'd be interested to see how much time I'd spend on it? Come on, there's no link to the original story! ;)
  12. just thought you might know someone..
  13. Quite ... that was my first thought too.
    I propose, under the Resumption of Reversal Rule 1932 (amended 1954) ... wait for it ...

    back to Belper!

    ...I'll get my coat ...
  14. Anyone got some photos of the train to liven up this thread a bit.

    Perhaps the train numbers