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Salisbury Area Social


Book Reviewer
Yeah....where and when?

not sure how much of this is still relevant to your Main Effort but for what it may be worth

By not so popular demand, a quick and easy guide to all the budding Crawl planners out there:

First of all know the difference between an organised Crawl and a Semi-impromutu P!ss Up.

An organised Crawl will have:

* At least one sober organiser
* A Theme or Reason
* A programme
* An understanding and regard for PerSec
* Entertainment value for ALL

Recipe, in no particular order...

1) Adopt a cause. ARRSE crawls are great money making schemes. The GPR seems to be the sites unofficial charity of choice right now, but if you are organising the Crawl then you can incorporate your cause into the financial side. Be up front and say how much is going where and why.

2) Decide on a suitable location, this should be within easy reach of the whole of the country, i.e. a mainline station city or town with a good selection of pubs, clubs, and accommodation.

3) Take a poll of a selection of dates. Avoid family committed dates, such as Easter weekend, also remember millionaires weekend, more people will attend an early month date then the second last weekend when skint!

4) Tell them what they can expect. Sell the ideas to them and explain the rules of play. That way no one gets to b itch about being in a dinner suit when everyone else is in Jeans and a Crawl T-shirt (Unless you REALLY dislike them, then fair game to you!).

5) Tour T-shirts. Tour T-shirts can be a great money-maker, but a word of warning, get the cash up front! Being **** about paper work helps with this job!

6) Publish the details of meeting places and Crawl routes for all to see, PM a contact number to all attending should they turn up late or get lost.

7) PerSec and cameras: Agree on this well BEFORE the crawl and make sure EVERYONE is aware of the decision made. It's easier to have ONE digital camera that the organiser can pass around and a few disposable that they have returned to them at the end of the night (remember to cost these in the budget!!!) Individuals then have the option to remain totally anonymous and no "surprise" pictures appear anywhere to bite them on their ARRSE.

8 ) Games. Organising a few basic games, one per pub, will help break the ice early on, and encourage people to mingle through out the night. Winners are Peg, and Chat-up Lines... Well maybe not Chat-up Lines, it got the Christmas 2004 Crawlers barred en masse from the first pub they hit! But it was bloody good fun!

So there you have it, a few basics to organising an ARRSE Crawl

I'm currently still trying to raise a few bob for SSAFA - if you decide you want to go down that road .



2 or 3 March OK for people?
The 3rd of March coincides with a piss up in Salisbury that I have already been invited. A lad I used to serve with will be 30. Though they're all going in fancy dress (which I'll happily not get involved in)


Book Reviewer
still up for a meet whether or not B&T chooses to go the full Crawl route outlined in that very old post...Dale tells me the last crawl in Salisbury was in 2004 :)


Book Reviewer
B_AND_T - you know me well enough to realise that I'll be there. Will Summer Lightning be available?

02 Mar looks OK to me. Gives me the required 2 days recovery time. Legs Jnr will be in BFG so won't be able to make it.


Book Reviewer
I don't know if we will get enough numbers to warrant a full crawly thing as listed above. However I am sure we can raise some dosh on the night.

What do people fancy, a meal and drinks or just getting lashed?


Book Reviewer
( tell that bird with the tray she ain't getting in dressed like that - the very idea....anyone would think it was ...I dunno...WORCESTER or somewhere...)
( tell that bird with the tray she ain't getting in dressed like that - the very idea....anyone would think it was ...I dunno...WORCESTER or somewhere...)
If you look in the gallery, that photo is named "Tranny or Fanny", and what she didn't realise was that we were "liberating" her Jelly Shots whilst the lads were chatting her up.

You'd gone by then, with your fascinating mate.........

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