Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Track_Link, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. Is he a wanka Yes/No
    Are his posts shite Yes/No
  2. This is the first string that has actually made me so want to reply that I had no choice but to sign up so that I could.

  3. No idea about the first, don't know the chap.

    But his posts are random and irrelevant. Perhaps better off in the NAAFI bar... (hint hint)
  4. I remeber a Vera form Oop North when I was at Celle in 90 ish. I always thought he was from Bury meself. Maybe that was his mate, they both did a quality impression of a coupla Stone Roses rejects.

    Edited to add 'both seemed like a decent couple of lads tho'
  5. Not sure why you're having a pop but thats your choice, i only found the site maybe 10 days ago and thought it would be nice to converse with people who have served or even still serving, if some of my posts are a bit random thats probably me trying to break the ice, if you dont like it and thats upto you. Im a bit new to this game so what about giving a chap a chance?!

    To the ones who have replied in the spirit it was wrote, nice one. If you knew me you will be well aware im a decent loyal fella who always looked out for his mates.

    No im not from bury (my accent is much better) Perevodchik but i was and still am into the the stone roses, maybe we do know eachother and if we do, alright mucker? It was a great time for the tunes.

  6. well thats me well and truly told off
  7. I wasn't having a pop in the other thread, I was probably as bored as you. No offence intended.
    How can ANY accent be better than a Bury accent? How very dare you?!
    And yes, it was a great time for the tunes. To this day they still fare better than most so-called 'indie' stuff that's released.
  8. No offence taken although i dont entirely agree with your music point, check out 96.2fm the rev for top top tuneage mate, you wont be disappointed. Not your usual asbo fm radio garbage.

    I will refrain from posting utter schite now i know me place. Apologise if offended anyone.
  9. Salford old chap, welcome to arrse but i agree with BinaryWarfare. Your posts seem more suited to the NAAFI bar. Track, chill my friend. Think of riding the chinook and the smell of aviation fuel!
  10. Already took note blackrat, like ive said above, was just breaking the ice, obviously not in the correct way. Tail between legs and all that.
  11. It's like the facking wild geese man
  12. I remember you well mate from Celle. Top bloke our Vera! So for all you nigs out there giving him grief, wind it in. Remember the good times in the Dance Capital of Celle mate!! Swampy Harris in your room too, what a treat eh mate!!

    Remember you getting banged up aswell mate post-1992 World Cup!!

    Good days Stu!
  13. I was a LCpl on RP shift at the time and escorted him across the square with his 1157 after collecting it from his room with some wet fish of an Int Corps Cpl in charge of the detail. I remember the RSM watching out of his window to make sure he was being given a suitably hard time, and deciding that he wasn't, called out to the aforementioned Int Corps geezer that if he didn't pull his finger out he would end up in the cells with Vera. He nearly shat his pants.
  14. Like you say Billy, good ole days mate.

    Was a complete schitter getting locked at the time as i was due to go on leave the next day, double gutted.

    Stonecold, was you on stag when i caught me cocque in the zipper of me doss bag, i was in fookin bits at the time, i shouted out to Tosh, "can you come here mate ive got a problem" when he came in i said "for fook sake dont tell anyone but....." next thing the entire guard room was in me cell laughing at me. He even phoned the med centre at trenchard to ask the duty nurse what they should do, all i could hear was the bird on the other end laughing her t1ts off at me the fookin sweaty bint.
  15. Billy it was the world cup italia 90, i remember being inside for the semi final and the duty sgt (yos someone, he was a prick) said i could watch it but only through the bars, at the end after the boxheads had won loads of lads went into town to congratulate the germans on there victory :roll: