Salford Burglar Stabbed - Will Cameron Stand Up Please

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BanjoBill, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. In order for Cameron to stand up, he'd first need to develop a spine. So don't hold your breath.:x
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  2. Oh, please, Great and Wonderful God, let that Burglar be AK.
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  3. It might help in the Daily Wail didn't print a story that said, "suspected" "believed" (twice) "could become" and "Neighbours said they understood", or in other words the newspaper doesnt know what the real story is, but that hasn't stopped them guessing.
  4. Well, there is potential for him to actually do something which will gain at least some support. He could actually do this and stand by it... oh there I go again... I said 'stand'... you are indeed right... he is without doubt the weakest PM we've ever had.
  5. Why should Cameron keep THIS promise? He's kept very few others (if any).
    He should be called Captain Kipper - he lacks guts and backbone.
  6. It's the wonderful world of journalism dealing with the fact that he is as guilty as sin... but innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the legal system. CNUT is dead... excellent result. Now time for a new law that makes it fine and dandy for all to do the same.
  7. wait and see I guess seems a bit odd a gang trying to break into a small terraced house. not like the average council house is going to have much in it worth the effort. They might just be violent and stupid thugs.
    might be a case of No Humans involved scum targeted by other scum in which case might be a chance for the rozzers to send another villian down.
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  8. The three arrested were in a house that was broken into by four balaclava wearing thugs,,,they phoned the police,,,but before they arrived one burglar was stabbed,the other three carried the body towards the hospital before dumping it under a tree and fleeing,,,,,Now the big question is what will the police charge the three residents with in order to cover up there own failings.
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  9. While I generally applaud the actions of the householder to defend his property and rid the world of scum, I cannot help but believe there may be more to the story. From the description of the "burglars" could there be a "gang" related aspect to this?

  10. Does the Pope wear pointy hat?
  11. In the wonderful world of the Daily Wail, then tend to make up stories to suit themselves. If he is a burgular, then he's got what was coming to him, but no one is saying he is (Just the Mail suspecting) and no-one has said anything about the homeowner needing anything from Cameron (Apart from the Mail saying it "could become a test case")
    You could legally stab burglars in certain cases before Cameron ever mentioned it. It seem the Mail (Shock) is just trying to whip up a non-story. (as it stands at the moment)
  12. This are of Salford (Pendlebury ) is quite a decent one,,it is not a council estate and the three arrested are a father,son and son's girlfriend.You could be correct but I don't view it as gang related,,,,,This type of crime is getting out of hand.

    Oldham News | News Headlines | Shameless - Chronicle Online

  13. Get with the lefty programme!

    Repeat after me = 'Criminals are victims too'