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Olive Jobs started in February and now needs to market its advertising opportunities to employers and agencies. We are therefore looking for salesmen / women who would work on a (very generous) commission only basis from home.  This could be part or full time. 
The product itself is a saleman's dream: the quality, reach and price of the advertising is simply unmatched in the ex-military recruitment niche.   Olive Jobs feeds in to the online biggest military communities in the UK and is far ahead of its competition in terms of looks, price and function.   This is an outstanding system implemented by a small business that needs your help to make it grow.

To join us you shouldl have most or all of:

Experience of HR or recruitment, ideally in one or more of the defence, security, telecomms, engineering sectors.
Your own transport and the ability to travel regularly to the London area.
All the interpersonal skills expected of a salesperson, for both direct and phone contact.
Military experience, whether TA, regular and irrespective of service.
Enterprising nature and able to take the initiative and find new clients and contacts.
What we offer:
50% commission for all sales of our advertising packages (see "Advertiser Zone") in the header for details.
For further information or to apply, please contact, including a brief CV for applications.
This opportunity is available immediately.


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