Sales sluggish for Galloway show

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by batus_survivor, Jan 27, 2006.

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    "Respect MP George Galloway is struggling to sell tickets for his one-man show that starts next month.

    He has sold only 34 tickets for the show at the Deco Theatre in Northampton and only about 100 in Reading.

    More than 800 tickets are thought to remain unsold for The Mother of All One Man Shows, at the 925-seat Deco. "

    Oh dear, so sad. Poor him...
  2. It would be something of a wheeze were ARRSE to buy all the tickets for one show and pack it with the more rabid of our members. Oh the glee as Gorgeous leaps on to the stage, his ego swollen beyond even its usual gargantuan proportions to be confronted with this load of beasties......
  3. now, if that were to be possible, I'd defo buy a ticket.
  4. Lets hang, draw and quarter him outside the tower of London, traditional entertainment and a traditional way of dealing with traitors. The ticket sales would be awsome!. now, where could we put the head on a pole.....
  5. Bethnal Green? Just a thought...

  6. I guarantee here and now that there will be a much bigger turnout. You've been selective in your quotes. I will now be selective in response. If you'd bothered to read/include quotes from the whole article, it also contains the following:

    "Paul Scarbrow, general manager of the Deco, told BBC News said: "I would be surprised if the show was a sell-out but I do think we will see a good turn out on the night."

    "If this was a rock group or a comedian I would be worried but he is who he is and he has been locked inside the Big Brother house for days so we have not been able to publicise the event."

    and there's more....

    "Spokesperson Bobby Lonergan said "We would be happy if we sold about 250 tickets.

    "This would be realistic with this kind of genre of show." "

    Time may be against George, at 51 - but he's attracting more success than his arch-nemesis Tony Blair did (as a rock promoter) some years ago. Don't be too quick to knock him - he'll have a lot more aces up his sleeve - and he'll surprise us all again probably very soon. I fervently hope that one day he relieves Times proprietor Rupert Murdoch of a sizeable sum. This would be a joy to behold. Perhaps the amount that Murdoch has avoided paying in Corporation Tax (with rock promoter Tony's assistance), whilst enjoying the benefits of being located in the UK, would be a good start - 10 long years' worth and counting.
  7. Up his Arrse?
  9. Am I being too cynical that the most of those tickets were bought by Respect members? He shouldnt be worried, the Cat Lovers society will all be attending :lol:
  10. Might be stating the obvious, but I thought he already had his head up there.
  11. Might be stating the even more obvious but who cares?
  12. Frenchperson wrote

    How are Galloway's shows doing? Full house? Lots of interest, a few seats available at the door? Surely not ......cancelled? Care to update us frenchperson?
  13. Sorry to be picky Mr. Froggy but that link has feck all to do with Galloway's own shows.
    I quote "Firebrand MP Mr Galloway appeared in Cambridge to take part in a debate at the Union Society alongside former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith and veteran parliamentarian Tony Benn.", no mention of Northampton or Reading.

    Care to google up a relevant link to the question asked?
  14. Frenchperson, do you honestly believe this:
    Funnily enough, there were very many of his constituents who were interviewed (around the time BB was on) for a tv news program who said quite the opposite of their MP, and those constituents or his muslim friends who attended the 'cartoons' protests also express more or less the same views and apparently booed the man as well..... :p But I agree that he is more likely to be mobbed now than before... with crow bars and chair legs.
    In regards to the turnout of his shows:
    What a shame eh :wink: