Sales engineer

Anyone done this role? I have an interview for a postion and would like some idea as to the questions you might get asked (apart from product) :wink:
A lot depends on the company, the position and the market. Many companies call their salesmen sales engineers because they think the customers will be impressed.

Some of the tasks may be

Finding Customers
Responding to customer enquiries
Agreeing specifications/requirements with customers
preparing the estimate and quotation
making presentations
submitting the quote
Customer care

The main measure of your performance will be getting orders and their value and profitability
It is a nice title for a salesman, so questions are going to be relevant to the product and market sector
1. Identifie possible clients in the area.
2. What experience have you got dealing with products in your prevoius career.
3. Presentation skills experience.
4. Who would you be selling to.

I found ex services technicians great for service engr roles as they turned up on time, stayed till the job was done and did it well

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