Salerno Mutiny

Anyone else watch this?

191 soldiers from the 1st line territorial formations 51st(Highland) Div and 50th(Tyne Tees) Div protested about being send to a 2nd line territorial unit (46th(North Midland) Div), when that formation suffered heavy casualties at Salerno (mainly an American operation). The soldiers had been promised they would return to their units (and UK) after the North African campaign.

Only one of them had done anything wrong in the past.

The Sgts ended up with a death sentence but the Adj Gen got everyone off charges if they promised to join the fighting in Italy(no with their units). On joining these units many found themselves victimised (being left to stay on the front line while their new unit withdrew to barracks) with 80 deserting.

For those TA in the remnants of these Divs
51 = Highland Regt = Highway Decorators
50 = TyneTees Regt = Tyneside Troters
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