Salerno Day (1943)

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Queensman, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. Greetings to all Queensmen, past and present on this the anniversary of the Allied landings at Salerno, this day in 1943.

    Salerno Day (9th September 1943)
    Two Queen's Brigades comprising six territorial battalions of the Regiment fought at Salerno. The unique historical significance of this event, coupled with the fact that the Territorials remained an integral part of the Regiment, demanded that this battle should be commemorated by a regimental anniversary.

    This anniversary continued to be celebrated throughout the life of The Queen's Regiment. When the amalgamation with The Royal Hampshire Regiment took place in 1992, it was agreed that Salerno Day would be the Regimental Day of The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment. This was because in addition to the six territorial battalions of the Queen's there was a Hampshire Brigade fighting side by side.
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  2. Well done the Queen's.

    Salerno is also a battle honour of the Royal Navy. HMS Warspite's 15 inch guns were instrumental in breaking up German counterattacks on the beach head. The following day, 10th September, she lead the surrendered Italian fleet into Malta.

    A glass of port later.
  3. P2000, Port it is. I shall return the compliment, seated, of course!
  4. Lest we forget!

    Happy Salerno Day.
  5. From the stellar response to this over the years, it appears that they have indeed forgot. Why is this in Current affairs?

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    A family member was a Gunnery officer on Warspite in that action. The Americans called on those monsters to harrass a German despatch rider and two shots were fired before they asked what the target was (the second correction seemed a bit extreme) and told the yanks to behave.

    This is a good account of battle if you can find a copy:

    Salerno by Hugh Pond - AbeBooks

    We landed in Salerno,
    A holiday with pay,
    The Jerries brought the band out
    To greet us on the way.
    Showed us the sights and gave us tea,
    We all sang songs, the beer was free
    To welcome D-Day Dodgers,
    To sunny Italy.
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  7. Is it?
  8. It was...some kind mod must have moved it. I was wondering how old you are, if the 40's classes as 'current'!
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