Salehi: Iran most successful Islamic model of human rights

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by MOD_ RSS, Feb 28, 2012.

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  2. All very laudable, if he was talking to the man in the moon, what a dickhead.
  3. Hmm you sure about that?
    Think I'll stay here and enjoy mines. Maybe I'll visit to experencie yours in about 20,000yrs once you've come out the neanderthal period.
  4. Is this spam Halal?
  5. ehwhat

    ehwhat Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Yes, but they have an obstructed view of their skyline due to the number of cranes from which they hang so many children, women and others who had the audacity to think unfortunate thoughts, love the wrong person, change or drop their religious beliefs or were otherwise out of step with the Ayatollahs. Not to mention the deprivation visited upon minorities such as the Qashqai قشقایی for their ridiculous expectation of freedom of belief, self-determination, movement and the better place of women in society. Or, the stellar involvement of secular members in the society who are denied the ability to vote for representatives they might prefer versus the approved puppet slate of a despotic, venal and murderous regime. On the positive side, they do have the right to be used as sniper targets for the Basj بسيج militia who run amok with impunity. So, it all evens out.

    We can all wait with baited breath as the election between the two most conservative of the conservative factions of the government cheat there way to another victory after denying a meaningful opposition on the slate.

    Clearly a shining beacon of human rights.

    But I really don't have any opinion.
  6. Power is getting people to follow you because they love to, and not because they have to.
    Power is showing restraint when you can show rage.
    Power is being modest when you can be proud.
    Power is showing mercy to your enemies, when you can crush them.
    In doing so you show that you have dominion over yourself. A man may govern an empire but if he can not control his own whims he is still a slave to his flesh.

    For more than 30 years since your Revolution the world has watched as Iran's leadership became more intolerant both towards its own and towards others abroad.

    Israel, in the words of your leadership, the "Little Satan" has had nuclear weapons for about 30 years. The USA, the "Big Satan" has had them for longer. Both countries have the means to obliterate Iran for some time now.

    Yet both countries have shown patience and mercy to your country's increasingly intolerant rhetoric and impertinent behaviour. Where will Iran be if Israel or the US applied the same principle of "cutting out a cancer" to it?
  7. Because Israel and the USA are at the pinnacle of appropriate and humane foreign policy? And ‘obliterating’ Iran using nuclear weapons (unlawful weapons in Israels case), effectively killing a whole lot of innocent people who have enough on their plate with that weirdy beardy as their head of state would be ‘merciful’?

    Shut up, you utter moron.
  8. Their policies may not be perfect, but they are a whole lot better than the Iranians who bankroll and supply terrorists who kill civilians or have no concept of diplomatic sanctity.

    Because you didn't understand my point that if the USA or Israel did to Iran what Iran is calling to be done to them, there would be no Iran left. That they have been gracious and merciful to the petulant state that is Iran for the past 30 years shows who the powerful ones are, and who the ones with hot air are.

    Please, for your sake, never call anyone a fool.

    Matthew 5:22
    Have a good evening!
  9. Hmmm. There are those who might say that Israel is no shining example of respect for diplomatic niceties - umpteen examples of Mossad "wet jobs" in supposedly friendly countries - and neither is the US. Current Drone strikes in Pakistan, Arming the Contras..

    ...and keep the Bible quotes for other believers in the great sky fairy.
  10. I am shocked at the quantity of utter shit you’ve just come out with. You are still a fool.
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