Sale Of Russian Air Defense System To Iran Pending

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Dec 2, 2005.

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  1. From Reuters.

    Russia is about to sell a billion dollars worth of surface-to-air missiles and "other defense hardware" to Iran.

    The missile system in question is designated as "TOR-M1." It is said to be adapted to interception of low altitude aircraft and missiles. (I presume that this is supposed to mean cruise missiles.)

    US U/Sec of State Nicholas Burns told the Russian broadcaster Ekho Moskvy that the United States objected to the sale upon the ground that the Iranian government supports international terrorism.

    An unnamed "western diplomat" described the deal as "alarming" and a "bombshell."

    "Iran And Russia Sign $1 Bn Defense Deal" by Meg Clothier. 2 December 2005
  2. Prior planning and prep prevents a p1ss poor performance. You can tell we trained em cant ya!
  3. "The Russian company Antei which produces anti-aircraft missile systems has developed a new efficient system Tor M1. A number of countries have precision weapons and a reliable shield is necessary against these weapons. The new Russian anti-aircraft missile system Tor is such a shield. The system consists of a special vehicle and two radars to detect targets and to accompany flying targets and missiles, a computer, and equipment for launch and navigation. The missile unit is a transportation and launch container with four missiles. A anti-aircraft guided missile is a one-stage missile with a solid fuel engine. The system is operated by 3 or 4 people. The Tor system ensures reliable protection for government, industrial and military sites and ground troops from all types of missiles, unpiloted aircraft, aircraft bombs, aircraft and helicopters with stealth capabilities. The Tor system is the only system in the world which can detect and identify various targets. It can detect targets at a height ranging from 10 meters to 6 kilometers. The Tor system is autonomous and has short reaction time. The latest technologies of Russia's defense industry are used in it."

    "9K331 Tor
    "HQ-17 "
  4. Two thoughts -

    1. This is probably the first time that a nation that the US really, really doesn't like has got hold of a 'double-digit' SAM system. Some USAF types have suggested that the effort over Kosovo would have been made very difficult if the Serbs had been in possession of such a system. Sounds like the USAF's SEAD budget will be increasing. By the by, it also reinforces the USAF argument for buying more F/A-22s, (which, so the brochure says, can fly about undetected by this sort of kit before despatching it with a well-aimed JDAM) which has possible knock-on implications for the Joint Strike Fighter (and thus for the UK).

    2. Given that this purchase (if it goes ahead) potentially makes the Iranians' IADS far more robust, prospects of the Israelis being tempted to have a pop before the better SAMs arrive increases slightly...
  5. This was recently on the Haaretz website (but has since been replaced by an unrelated story):

    "If by the end of March 2006 the international community will have failed to halt Iran's attempts to acquire nuclear weapons, diplomatic efforts on the matter will be pointless, and international attempts to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear weapons will have failed," Military Intelligence Chief Major General Aharon Ze'evi said at a Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee meeting on Wednesday.

    "A number of committee members said Ze'evi's remarks indicated that the international community's failures would lead to military actions to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, after April 2006."

    "MI Head: Nuclear Talks With Iran Will Be Pointless After March '06" 30 November 2005
    By Gideon Alon
  6. Is this the same system that Cyprus bought a few years back and which mightily pissed off the Turks?
  7. Yes - its seriously good kit. We ought to be buying it
  8. er why whose got an air force who can attack as
    our clound punchers don't do muych now?
  9. Errrm... No!
    To mention just the one, the very same one that you speak of, I'll think you'll find the VJ possessed the SA-13, SA-14 and the SA-16 in 1999.

    The multitude of AD assets, in particular the SA-16, kept the Apache in Albania and the rest of the aircraft above 10-15,000'.

    Won't be the first time the US media, prompted be defence contractors, have over-egged the real threat to justify some nice orders....

    You could argue that someone is trying to 'bait' the septics into doing the Israelis work for them!!!!

    In my opinion, what is so wrong with the Iranians buying some defensive capability. With the rhetoric coming out of Washington, it's is the MOST logical thing to do!
  10. Good point; this inceases the likelihood of the Israeli's trying for a George W.(pre-emptive strike)before the system is n place.
    Even without the system, though, distroying Iran's nuclear sites won't be easy. From what I've read, they are spread around the country and some of them are underground.
  11. I believe it was the s-300 missile system that the Turks were twitchy over and it was subsequently redeployed to Crete.

  12. TOR-1M is mobile and very efficient system


    Weight of one missile - 165kg. Probability to shoot down jet-fighter by one missile is 0,45-0.8

    Maximum height - 6km.
    Maximum distance - 12 km.
  13. Any sensible military/political analyst will tell you that the chance of Israel launching a airstrike against Iran is highly unlikely - unless an utterly despotic, fundamental zionist reaches the head of the IDF or becomes their Prime Minister, and he/she is determined to set the whole of the Islamic world aflame!

    Israel may have some of the most advanced weopanry available, but they still only have a truely independant capabilty to strike a single target in sneak raid at such a range. And even then, it may well turn out to be a major failure. It is inconceivable that the Iranians have not hidden, buried and dispersed their atomic programme as much as possible - especially any that is connected to an alleged weopans programme.

    The benefit gained from maybe taking out one small part of a disjointed programme, and delaying the overall by a 'short' period, will be heavily outweighed by the political damage it will do.

    But, move away from the politics, and look at the military aspects alone. The only conceivable way they can even hope to get away with any success, is to have the DIRECT approval of the US for the mission. Take a look at the map, and please explain how they are going to get out and back to Iran? To the south, the Saudis, backed by the US now have a pretty decent AD system. To the north, there's Turkey and NATO. To the centre there's the USAF sitting in Iraq. Unless the US has granted 'permission' for the raid, how can the Israelis be confident they won't get taken out by a Patriot or an F-15 driven by a septic or a Saudi?

    It would be utterly impractical for military and political reasons, not to mention counter-productive, for Israel to launch an airstrike against Iran. But getting the US to do the dirty work for them, well that's another matter...
  14. To take out the entire Iran nuclear programme would require the sort of massive air and missile strikes only the US can do. We're talking the works here, hundreds of TLAMs & CALCMs, B2s with MOP's, several CSGs and F15/F117's from Qatar. 1st targets would be Iran's air defences then, once these are taken out, go for nuclear facilities and other 'regime targets'. Whole operation would last at least a week, of course the Iranians aren't just going to sit around taking it, it will kick-off big style in Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan, probably in some of the Shia gulf areas too. Expect missile attacks on Israel and the US-allied gulf states. I expect the US will wait until it has more confidence in its theatre missile defences before trying this (e.g SM3, PAC3, THAAD).