Sale of Motorcycling gear for SSAFA

Joshua Slocum

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I am having a clear out, several friends donate stuff to me that I auction off for charity, either used or ex display
all of the funds go to Old Baldy and he pays them into SSAFAs account
a very worthwile and upstanding charity
you pay what you think its worth I just want it rehomed and some one to use it, and save themselves some dosh,
I will try to post pictures later but that bit of my PC is playing up
I would prefer that you collected the stuff, or met me some place to collect it, or it can be moved around by my circle of contacts to meet up with you

I have the following
a pair of Brand new unworn BMW motorrad boots size 11 black Now sold to Phil F 30.00
A set of daytona used boots now sold Rob S 10.00

A BMW Goretex lined jacket with armour, well used but a good session in the washing machine would bring it up, also comes with a few spare unused liners, cant see a size on it but its likely to be XL or BAOR pisshead size, ideal for winter or some one on a budget

A pair of Streetguard BMW motorcycle trousers with armour size 32, a few scuffs in one knee, also included removable thermal liner

A pair of Streetguard BMW motorcycle trousers with armour size 30, , also included removable thermal liner

A Rukka waterproof jacket size 48 used but tidy

A motomod Kevlar lined waterproof jacket ex display size 3XL

A pair of Heine Geiricke cruise GTX pants black size 60 still with the tags on and price £199.00, they are water proof and goretex with armour and include shoulder straps for fat bastards

A Heine Geiricke Cruise jacket Black Goretex with armour unworn ex display, however a small amount of cracking to the neck seal is evident, still with all its labels and price tags, it says Cordura on the outside size 60 cost £249 price tag still attached

A bell open face Helmet XL in Champagne still in box, model tourlite U with black peak

pm me if you want any further info or images
I cant shrink them down enough to get them on here at the moment

I have just been out to the garage and noticed a set of two piece ladies motorcycle leathers, these are about 30 years old unmarked and were made by Albert Dahn of Northampton, a well respected man in the trade, many top racers had their leathers made by him, also a great deal of the restoration and preservation of early flying Jackets was carried out by him, ( I own a set of his leathers)
they include a detachable lining and a spare lining
probably fit a bird about 5 foot 2 but not massive boobs
they are a blue and steel grey colour, if your wife wanted them and they need altering, although Albert is long since retired, I know a nice young lady who has his origional patterns and measurements and could alter them to fit, you would pay around 1200 pounds for high quality leather like this in this sort of hide, so come on treat your bird i dont want silly money for any of it.
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