SALE: An XL Soldier 95 full uniform

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by 4Para, Mar 29, 2003.

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  1. Ello lads,

    Got a full soldier 95 kit for sale which i'll probably post up on Ebay in a few days time.

    Shirt/jacket: 180/112
    Trousers: 85/104/120

    Shirt is new
    Jacket is as good as new but has an RAF Marham tag inside
    Trousers are also in very good condition

    Going for £35 + £5 for P&P. Anyone?
  2. I've got three sets that are getting pretty worn....perhaps I'll.....

    no on second thoughts maybe I'll take them to the QMs and exchange them for free...
  3. Well they obviously weren't worn out by you, you Scaleyback REMF tw*t.
  4. Yawn....just when we had all thought you had died... ;)
  5. Ho ho ho, an arse kisser trying to be funny.  Has anyone in the Mess told you that your troops hate you?
  6. Now that is really funny....

    Did you enjoy Italy?