Salamanca Day Celebration

Sunday 22 July saw the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Salamanca, at which all of the antecedent Regiments of the Rifles took part.

The Headshed decided we'd celebrate with a Families Day, immediately following our return from live firing in Brecon. Coughed for two hog roasts, bouncy castle etc and boked the good weather. His Grace the Duke of Westminster rocked up in the World's Shiniest Brown Shoes and spent a lot of time chatting to the blokes while smoking for NATO. No chaperoning the the grown ups, either. A very, very shrewed man.

A battalion photograph was taken, and to give you an idea as to turnout, here is a snap of the ORs getting sized off. Much joy when a Rifleman proved totally incapable of getting the idea of sequential numbering; if the bloke two down from you is number 90, you do not shout 91 in stereo with the bloke next to you.

Good day, I ended up with meat sweats.


Another day to celebrate giving the French (and their continental minions) a damn good thrashin'.




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Not number 4, number 91 . .. .made me look clever, and that is hard to do!

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