salad fingers(episodes 1 - 5)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by adonwar, Feb 16, 2005.

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  1. Bloody Hell!!!!

    Just saw all 5.

    Am now going to lie in a dark room as my head is skull f**ked!!!!!
  2. That fish smells about done
  3. Since when did blind pugh leave his dog at home? :twisted:
  4. Quickly. Somebody call a grown up. STAT!! :(
  5. i'am a grown up this is why i posted it i thought you might relate to it more.
    for everyone else whos opinion i might value sorry but thought this thred might be a bit different than the norm and maybe will start a soap opera of an arrse kind(not salad fingers of course)
  6. Wow! And I thought I was random! :D 8O
  7. This lesson, kids, is called: "Typing like a grown up."

    To make it super easy for you, there is a little 'spot the difference:'

    Adonwar, you wrote:
    A 'Grown-Up' may well write it like this:
    I am a grown up. That is why I posted it - I thought you might relate to it more. For everyone else, (whose opinion I might value) sorry, but I thought this thread might be a bit different.

    There now. Easy peasy. Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar - SPAG!

    And before you break out the "whose opinion I might value" cack, think, before you fire. I was simply making a wee pun on how wierd the videos are. Nothing more nor less than any of the other posters.
    If you must smash the "In case of bitchiness, break glass" little box, and are going to claim you are a grown up - type like one.

    Oh, and you are a big girl (*sarnian* blows rasberry)
  8. Some advice:

    Take less drugs, or a whole lot more :wink:
  9. Shit, I think I'd like some therapy now please 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O
  10. Hmmm, the artist is clearly in "a very dark place" metaphorically speaking.
  11. ok sarnian lets nip this in the bud, oh and the "in case of bitchiness" glass is still intact..........
    i know you are, you said you are but what does that make me (blows raspberry back ) oh hang on dont answer that i said nip this in the bud didn't i ................. 8O

    and like i said the guy who done this is fcuking strange, lost and alone. i gave up trying to understand his way of thinking halfway through episode 4 :?