Saints Row Xbox360

Been playing this for nearly a year now and its still a great game, i love it on live. Rockstar do need to fix a load of glitches in the game though, what do you all think of the game?
amazing__lobster said:
Dunno - will tell you when I get my copy from Amazon in the next couple of days!

Looks good though - cheers for the heads up!
Watch out on live mate, you will meet the most stupidest people on saints row, all wanna be g's. They use anymethod to win and make money.. you will hear terms like...

Pipe Glitch - Which i where they crouch and sprint at the same time as throwing a pipe bomb which causes you to have unlimited pipe boms...

Standby - where they hit the standby button on their router resulting in the game lagging up and them killing you...

yeh there the 2 main glitches/cheats in the game so watch out!

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