Saints fans?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Biscuits_Brown, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. Mrs. is off to a dance competition thing over the weekend of the Saints/Ulster game, so I've decided to take myself over to Northampton.

    Neither Ibis nor Park Inn (Radisson) will let me book a single/single night over that weekend. They're the sum total of the Ulster fan's knowledge of N'hampton hotels. Anyone got any recs for cheap and staggering distance from Franklin's Gardens digs?
  2. I'm a Saints fan. I hope we manage to beat you, like we did at the MK stadium :)

    Just as well you're going to Franklins Gardens, and not the MK Stadium though! It took my sister 40 mins to queue for a beer last time we were there. They're not cut out for Rugby fans.

    I've never had to stay in a hotel so can't help on that front. But enjot the game, and the Gardens. It's usually an excellent atmosphere.

    Ooooooh wheeeeen the saints! Go marching in!
  3. Booked into the Plough, which is a rat pit according to Trip Advisor. It's cheap, has a bar and it's a klick and a half from the gates of Franklin's Gardens on a main road, so the beer scooter should get me 'home'.
  4. London Irish beat Saints yeah!!!
  5. Lime trees on barrack road if not full or travelodge on gold street.
    you will have a great time over here.
  6. I think you mean Reading Irish ;-)
  7. No London Irish who play at Madjeski Stadium Reading as they share it with Reading Football club
  8. Which is in Berkshire, not London ^^
  9. Yeah and London Welsh play in Oxford get over it
  10. As much as I hate football, at least Wimbledon had the decency to change their name when they left London, shame LI and LW didn't! At least, the other Exile team (London Scottish) still play in London.
  11. But c'mon, does anything sound shittier than MK Dons?
    A team that's only real claim to fame is that their biggest fan is a local tramp who had the Dons badge tattooed on his swede


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  12. Does anyone watch London Scottish they are not in the premiership. London Irish was founded in 1898 by Irishmen living in London and played at Sunbury. There were financial problems and when they got into the premiership they needed a "proper" ground so Reading lent them one. Fijians, Nigerians, Scots, Canadians and er cough English play for Irish. By the way Orient football club don't come from China, what's in a name?