Did anyone ever get to visit the NIFSL armoury at Saintfield where recovered weaponry was stored. I got the chance during an EOD tour in 77, and it was an eye opener, many of the weapons having notoriety in taking a soldier's life. As a bonus we even got a bottle of 'disposed of' poteen on the way out.


No and I missed the tour that they put on to SF bases in 83, being a spotter that was painful missing that and seeing them pack it up in the Choggies shop after I came in from patrol was salt in the wound.
Used to go there from Lisburn 86-89 to pick up some" Try out Firearms" for use at the" Hollow" at Ballykinler for Familieriseation with new civilian clothed people to the province.
The Old pattern room in Nottingham was the one. As a collection Prison made firearms, covert etc amazing. Now most at Leeds Armouries as diffinative collection, again fantastic collection.

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