Saint Mo (Mowlam) Has a Brainfart

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Seadog, Apr 9, 2004.

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    It worked with Gerry and Martin, she, ahem, reasons. :roll:

    "What would you like from us Mister Bin Laden Sir?" ( Grovel, scrape, bow )

    "To kill you."

    "Um....I see."

    Okay, Mo. ( I can call you Mo, coz you're cool). What now?

    Would she suggest that the police negotiate with a serial rapist killer in order to try to make him stop his evil deeds? "What will it take to stop you?" Bank robbers? "What will it take to stop your gang robbing banks, shooting customers and staff?"

    Doctor Mowlam isn't it? Not a PhD in a hard subject though.

  2. Sigh ...

    Can we have our fertilizer back please ???

    The hostage takers sound like very reasonable chaps - perhaps we could have them over for tea and a chat and using sensitive, supportive and non-agressive language, persuade the peace loving freedom fighters to release the violent lackeys of the US imperialist crusader army ...

    Another shoulder shrugging sigh ...

    Now that's more like it .....
  3. No doubt she would later report the meeting (on Parkinson) as a 'very productive head-to-head with a laid-back Osama; a darling, really'

  4. Eight Chineese abducted in Iraq. I wonder if the Iraqis realise what they have done. One of the greatest human rights abusers with the largest armies in the world might not take too kindly to this.

    China might like the idea of having a stake in the 'new' Iraq.
  5. I hate to think the Bliar and Campbell's "spin machine" might have been correct when they said she was a bit ga-ga. Old Mo has been out in the sun too long. Gerry & Martin might have responded to all her touchy-feely stuff but I have my doubts over Osama.
  6. I have some personal knowledge of this erm! Lady.

    I think it's one of the few times I might agree with the boy Blair and his handler Alastair.
  7. Hello, what planet is she due to land on this week?

    Ye gads, they want to obliterate Western civilisation as we know it and she wants us to talk to them.

    Seems that tumour has reappeared in her frigging head! :roll:
  8. You can only use reason with those who are prepared to be reasonable. I think this discounts all of Al-Qaeda.
    When someone will stop at nothing to kill you, not even their own death, your only option is to kill them first before they get too close.
  9. Before this topic gets covered in hair and snot, let's just examine how this idea might be made to work.

    If ol' nappy head lets us know the address of his cave, I'm sure Dubya's technical people could try to set up a link with one of his air-to-ground videoconferencing devices.

    In the spirit of global cooperation in the war against terror, this idea is freeware...but the world rights to the last five seconds of tape are MINE!
  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    At the risk of coming across as someone that gives a **** I think the islamic nutters want various things, ranging from troops out of Saudi (Al Q) (though as I recall it was the House Of Saud that invited them in the first place), a stop of american values (hands up who's lives were improved by coke, marlboro and macdonalds) and the leaving alone of their women who should be not seen and not heard (votes of women in UK?? 1922 or so wasn't it?)(votes for black folk in US, 1967???) - not sure that because 'we the civilised west' have forty years further on and a short memory are in a position to start harping on about equal rights just yet.....

    Oh, and stop invading my country view of Iraq's home grown nutters. I guess they may accept their country is crap but they still have their pride. Echoed by anyone around the world about anything they have if the prospect of something else is charity or fck all.

    I'm not sure if the 'kill you all for being unbelievers' is an absolute given. Note the freeing of the Chinks, Ruskies, S.Koreans etc.
  11. Forty years? The islamic fundamentalists would like to turn the clock back to at least the Middle Ages, and probably before that. According to some the current jaunt is a new Crusade.

    They don't have the monopoly on nutters, however; over on (predictably), a Spam is currently advocating mass extermination of muslims as the only solution to America's problems....
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    shortermist view, the answer to America's problems is:

    (a) dominate ground (can anyone else believe they are using the firebase and forays tactics from Vietnam era again?)
    (b) when you decide to 'capture or kill' a religious leader understand exactly what you have just said
    (c) when you announce that you are going to 'pacify Faluja' don't stop 24 hours into it and call a truce (and then for re-inforcements)... It'll make everyone else in the world think you are a C*NT
    (d) when you decide that you are going to invade a country that had NOTHING to do with 9/11 - understand that world opinion will be putting you in a box with Hitler, Chairmen Mao and Pol Pot.

    What I find amazing, continually so in fact, is that the American left - bless it's generous heart - actually expects to vote for this Kerry chap and then everything will stop because there is a Democrat leader, like any disaffected IN is going to give a f*ck.

    What America needs to do is realise that if it's government is using tax payers dollars to fund a force in Saudi and prop up the Israelis then every tax payer is on the frontline. What THEY, the american voters need to do is actually take a bit of responsibility for Israel and their governments overseas policy and vote for someone who's policy includes withdrawing all that aid to Israel. Oh, and increasing taxes on personal use of vehicles for their oil dependency..