Saint Brown shows up Blair

Spew, vomit, retch, gag, - dear God, when will we be rid of the rubbish Blair and Brown?

Why 'effing Africa - there is enough 'charity' required in this sad and Blair-Brown buggered nation?
Could use him for mine clearing in Angola, Shame to waste someone valuable.

I particularly like the “whatever spare time he has while serving as an MP.”

Should that not read “the spare time he has because he is failing to do his duty as an MP.”


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Do Former and serving British politicians think that we are all so naive!! We have the Blair and Brown road show, Blair the people,s Tony in his mind only, pontificating on the rights and wrongs of the world,(he and Bush did nothing to solve the Palestinian issue in eight years) And Brown wanting to save Africa,s poor and needy. The old proverb charity begins at home chimes in here.

I,m sure Blair,s Donated blood money (anyone seen the cheque) will do a lot of good for his soul. And hopefully some military charities. This constant backbiting outing and handbags at dawn stuff is really beginning to bore me.


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I like the distinction they place on 'Doctor' Brown.

it's almost as if they want you to think that title has a whiff of bullshit when applied to him, the one eyed mong.


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just a pair of spindoctored cnuts who believe their own fairy tales and BS
I particularly like the “whatever spare time he has while serving as an MP.”

Well, the Sainted Gordy Mcruin will be gone as an MP after one off the Churckle Bros, Ed Millyped is elected as Dear Leader to replace the good Dr Economist Broone after the Liarbor Knees-Up in a few weeks time....

Maybe Broone should petition Auntie Beeb to be the next 'Doctor' on board the 'Tardis'.....

Oh I forgot... the good Dr Broone has been his own 'Urban Spaceman' for years, and has been on board the Liabor 'Tardis' for years travelling the highways and bye-ways of his own bubble of reality in his own parallel universe...... along with all his wee pals from the 'Crash Street Gang'.... whilst Lord Snooty B'Liar has been away with the gnomies with his wee pals ......
Brown may be playing a very subtle game here. If he applies the same fiscal acumen to African problems as he brought to those of the UK, there should soon be several quite respectable famines, and a number of new wars in progress. This will stimulate world agricultural prices, and generate business for the UK arms industry. Furthermore, the wars and famines, along with the epidemics and anarchy that will trail in their wake as surely as ruin follows socialism, should solve the problem of overpopulation in a stroke.
the good Dr Economist Broone
Just in case you're not taking the pi$$ with that comment, can I just point out that Broon has no qualifications in economics. His first degree was in history. His doctorate is in the history of the Labour Party in the early years of the 20th century. Just to clarify things further:-


The only reason he's taking on charity jobs is because nobody will give him a proper job. Those phone calls from captains of industry inviting him to join the board of their multinational have failed to materialise. The ivy league universities have a sudden shortage of professorial chairs now that Gordon's on the market. Or is it just the fact that a bloke who took 10 years to get his PhD and whose only experience in academia is a junior lecturer gig in a Glasgow college isn't of much interest to Harvard or Yale. (And think of the lawsuits if he loses his rag and decks a student).

After years of being surrounded by yes men and sycophants, Gordon has had a sharp dose of reality over the summer. Nobody wants him because he's cr@p. Even his own party don't class him as worth a front bench post. His only career option is to be a backbench MP until he accumulates a big enough parliamentary pension to retire on.

It's rumoured that Dave is going to stop the salaries of MPs who don't turn up for work so that rules out sulking in Scotland for the next 10 years while continuing to draw his MPs salary and expenses. The future for Gordon involves sitting in his surgeries listening to chavs complaining about having their benefits cut. For somebody who has been in the White House with Obama, that's quite a come down. His alternative is bankruptcy and a career being humiliated on game shows like the Hamiltons.

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