Saint Brendon of Cox is in the news again

Out of interest, why is he deemed an icon of the left? Are being concerned with tackling bigotry, racism and division primarily left of centre preoccupations?

I'd have thought that the murder of one of our parliamentary representatives by a xenophobic fruitcake would be a matter of grave anxiety for all in a free democracy.
I would be more concerned that you've used up 2018's supply of 'pretentious'.
Having just watched Jess Phillips on Ch.4 news, the level of hypocrisy is staggering.

The BBC quotes Cox;

"In the past I have focused on disputing what I felt was untrue in the allegations, but I realise now that it's more important to take full responsibility for what I have done."

So in one sentence something untrue turns into what I have done.

As he admits to had “overstepped the line” (a year before his wife’s murder).

I know it’s a massively different scale of alleged abuse but could you imagine if some of Saville’s actions had come out in the early ‘70s, but he was going to show the way he was going to change, and that would have made it alright. After all he did a lot of work for charity.
As opposed to the lumpen proles and their offspring murdered by xenophobic religious fruitcakes is simply part and parcel of living in that same free democracy and therefore of little or no concern? "Our parliamentary representatives" can damn well take their chances along with the rest of us as far as I'm concerned.

Something about reaping the whirlwind comes to mind...


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If that book's about Rosa Parks why are they sat at the back of the boat?
Set an example man sit where you like.
It's actually a 40' skiff, but by the time they got 30 paparazzi in, there was only the space at the back to sit!
I am no fan of this piece of crap, but, it is getting extremely boring seeing accusations of inappropriate behaviour against people being alleged on a daily basis. If this woman is truly concerned about Cox’s actions, she would/should press ahead with an investigation and do something about the douche rather than just speaking anonymously.
I don't want to see another #MeTo, I want to see a crime reference number

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