Sailors go back to Iraq

Well how very magnanimous of them....

[sarcasm mode]three (rousing) cheers for Faye, Arthur and the lads....[/sarcasm mode]

According to the blurb under the picture the " are impressed by the resolve".....

where the f**K was that same 'resolve' a few short weeks ago...?

That gormless numpty Bachelor - just one of those people you wouldn't stop kicking.

*realise these comments are slightly more NAAFI'esque than Curr' Aff' - but blood was beginning to boil and had to post somewhere.
Dont get lost. Dont stray to far from your mummy ship and DON'T TAKE ANY FCUKING IPODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and if you happen to come up against someone with a weapon point yours in their general direction, take off the safety catch, squeeze the trigger then bullets tend to come out thus helping you to restore the image of your employer that some of you have besmirched.
Resolve? last time I checked the RN was a disciplined service and gave out orders to people. Having said that it must be tough going back to that air conditioned ship with no food or water shortages, out of range of insurgents and probably not going back to boarding duties...
Are they going back in decent patrol boats, or in rubber dinghys? 8O

At least Batchelor can provide entertainment for the troops (iranian or otherwise). All he needs is a teddy bear.

Seriously though, as long as they put Turney on a boat of her own this time, they'd be able to outrun any (other) ships

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