Sailors captured and detained in Iran... AGAIN!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Closet_Jibber, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone find a link?

    Have the Navy moved their ships back by 200 miles just incase an Iranian Kayak floats past.

    Sky News now.
  2. Have the iPODS been securely destroyed? Wouldn't want the fecking Revolutionary Guards taking the pi$$ by playing Barry Manilow on channel 16 until the batteries run out. Again. Allegedly.
  3. Hello Closet_Jibber,

  4. Wouldn't it be embarrasing if the conducted themselves better than the Navy?
  5. It wouldn't be very hard. All they would have to do is not convert to the local religion and learn The Iranian National Anthem.
  6. Or insist that they be allowed to keep their ipods.
  7. I should imagine they would. Unless it's a self-esteem building trip from a downers society. And even if it was I doubt they'd play ping-pong.
  8. They were staying fit in order to improve chances of escape! :wink:
  9. C'mon your just being silly now, mongs love ping-pong.
  10. No, it would be more embarrasing if they didn't manage to conduct themselves better than the navy.

    (of course if I had been captured then once returned to UK I'd claim my 'double legger' and persistant crying was all part of my escape plan and nothing to do with me being a big girls blouse)
  11. What manner of spastic would go anywhere near Iranian waters in a boat?

  12. yachting types?
  13. Will they "ever" learn?
  14. An extremely poor headline. Yachties, not sailors, but I bet the retards in the media won't be able to tell the difference.